Can some please give me advice please worried sick.

HELLO every one im new to the forum. I am called in for an appointment at the colploscopy clinic because i had a borderline result and positive for hpv. and was wondering if anybody went through the same thing and what was there experience at the appointment and did they recieved any treatment for borderline. and is CIN 1 the same as BORDERLINE? I am just worried sick and feeling down Cry about this.

thank you for any answers.

Hi there,

Please try not to worry yourself too much although  I know that can be hard, hpv testing is relativley new and in days gone by a borderline result would have most likley been monitored with a repeat smear in 6-12 months. Nowerdays they are a bit more on the ball and that can only be a good thing, so now a boarderline result coupled with hpv+ means a colpo just to be on the safe side and to monitor what is going on more closley. 

Obviously I cant say what your outcome will be but at the colpo they will take a much closer look at your cervix and apply some solutions that highlight any wonky looking cells, if they spot anything of concern they will take a biopsy just to check what is going on and to be on the safe side. If anything turns up there is still the possibility that early changes can revert back to normal by themselves, and often they watch and wait to avoid unnecessary damage to your cervix, especially if you want kids in the future.

I am not a doctor but I am under the impression that CIN1 isnt quite the same as a borderline result. CIN can only really be diagnosed by a biopsy as smear results are more of an indicator than a diagnostic tool. A boarderline result means that some cell changes were seen but were very near normal. 

I hope this makes you feel a bit better knowing that now you are in the system they will keep a good eye on you to make sure that nasty cell changes dont get the chance to take hold. There have been quite a few topics recently by women in a very similar situation to you so having a mooch around the boards might help to put your mind at ease, rest assured you are not alone my dear and we are all here to support each other through this.


thank you very much niki for your answer and i feel better.Smile

Hi I am in excatly the same boat and would welcome any advice. I have to have colposcopy in 3 weeks after a border line with evidence of HPV xx

Hi Kisha I am in the same boat as you and having colposcopy in 3 weeks. Have you been to the clinic yet?xxx

hi worrying123 not yet my appointment is on the 9th july. still nervous i'll keep up to date with info for you.