smear test

HELLO every one im new to the forum. I am called in for an appointment at the colploscopy clinic because i had a borderline result and positive for hpv. and was wondering if anybody went through the same thing and what was there experience at the appointment and did they recieved any treatment for borderline. and is CIN 1 the same as BORDERLINE? I am just worried sick and feeling down Cry about this.

thank you for any answers.

Hi, I had a borderline smear 6 years ago and had CIN II. It was treated and my smears have been clear since. Its normal to worry, but try not to. When is your appointment?

J x

borderline means not quite normal but not quite abnormal. I had borderline after I had cin2 and a colp and biopsies showed HPV. I had a follow up 6 months later and it was normal. I think 1 in 20 smears come back borderline or cin1 so it's really common. as is HPV. Most people have it. Like the coldsore virus. Sometimes it just rears it's ugly head. Try not to worry :) xx