From borderline at smear to confirmed CIN 3 maybe more?

Hello everyone, this is my first time on here. I  a 34 yr old, married mum of 2. I have always attended my smears on time which have always been normal. At my last smear a few months ago I got my letter saying borderline changes but as I had tested positive for HPV I should go for colposcopy. There they saw some abnormal cells but said it was probably at the lower end of CIN 1 at most. After the wait I got my results from the punch biopsies they'd done. It was CIN 2. Then I needed a LLETZ and now I've been told its CIN 3, but they've had to send the sample to another lab for a second opinion as the lab couldn't assess the entire specimen due to lots of folds in the tissue. They are unable to see if the abnormal cells have breached the base membrane, which will mean cancer if they have, so now I yet more waiting. I am fit & healthy, don't smoke or drink so can't understand how a so called slow growing cancer (& pre cancer) can develop so fast. I thought it was supposed to take longer. If I am confirmed as having cancer or even the fact i am cin 3, then shouldn't women be screened more often? I am so frightened and worried for my kids.

Hi lovey

I hope you are ok? It is so scary getting an abnormal result and I am sorry that yours is on the severe side. HPV is such a hard virus to understand, I went from normal smears to severe CIN3 two years later (I had an earlier smear and changed doctors!). 

Try to concerntrate on the fact they have picked it up and also that the HPV test is now being used. Before with borderline results they would just repeat in 6 months. 

Even if it is the next stage (fingers crossed it isnt) it sounds like its been caught really early which is so postive

I understand how you feel, i do wonder why our smears are every 3 years and in other countries its every year!

Chin up, let us know how you get on 


I am really sorry to hear of your story. I do hope your results come back with some positivity and that you can start to getclarification.  I do ask the same question that you have asked regarding the 3 year smear testing. I'm 27 and had a clear smear at 25. I had a baby this year in January and have had ad normal bleeding since. I went to my doc 2 weeks ago and was told there and then I look like I've got cervical cancer as my cervix showing the signs. I then went to a gynaecologist last week and was told the same, that's without biopsy results (which I get tomorrow) I had a lot of stitched after giving birth and plenty of examinations during my labour so I'm presuming there were no signs then as it would have been picked up. So it's 11 month on from the birth and they can basically see with the naked eye that it's cancer.  Now that's very worrying.  Xx