When to start feeling better

Hi just finished treatment last week and i actually feel worse tis week than when i was having treatment.just really wanting to know how long did it take for sum to start picking up again?

Hello Buttercup and congratulations on finishing your treatment! I’m guessing you ended with a short course of brachytherapy - this is highly directed at the tumour and VERY powerful and I was warned by my oncologist that I would feel worse for about 2 weeks after I finished, and then slowly start to feel better. I did indeed feel completely wiped out! So I don’t think it’s unusual at all to have a hard time to start with - plus of course at some level your body is ‘letting go’ as you’ve been bracing yourself for the treatment every day, and it’s common to take a downturn when we finally realise we don’t have to struggle anymore. Two things I would say.

Firstly, if you start to have sweats or chills or after a week feel even worse, please phone your CNS. I did and she said get straight to A&E and show them your chemo/sepsis alert card (getting to A&E was an ordeal but they processed me very quickly due to the state I was in and the sepsis alert) - turns out I had sepsis from a urinary infection brought on by the catheter for brachytherapy and of course the zero immunity to infection. I was 6 days on multiple intravenous antibiotics but I recovered. You CANNOT be too careful. any new or individually worsening symptoms and give your nurse a call. That’s what they are there for.

Secondly, be kind to yourself. Some people recover quicker than others, but it’s not a race. Take each day as a blessing, be happy with small things and achievements when they come and gently build up your stamina. You can do it! If your team offer you free counselling with a psychologist (telephone) take it - you are worth it and there are so many things to talk through.

Wishing you a good recovery and all the things you’re longing to do again - they will come; just be patient xxx.


Sorry to high jack this thread but been so worried about you Jacks, pleased you are back!

Hi Buttercup
yes everyone feels better at different rates, i finished treatment nearly a year ago now and it took me a full 3 months before i could function really. Still not 100% but far better than i was. You will get there and don’t be surprised if you feel deflated as well. You go from continues care with the hospital visits to being on your own and abandoned. You aren’t abandoned it just feels like that. It gets better though and you have come to the right place for support. Take care xx

With every month passing, i felt better and better. After 3 months i was able to resume my habbits.
I finished treatment at feb 1’st. I have days when i still feel some side effects, but is much better.
So be strong, it will be better.
You know… here comes the sun :hugs:

Well done on completing your treatment.
I will be 2 years post treatment in November.
I am still not the person I was before treatment.
I started to pick up about a month after finishing but even now get very tired and get the odd twinge. I think I went back to work too soon but i work 4 days rather than 5.
I am thankful for every day and also for the fact that I received the treatment through a very difficult time due to covid.