When do you start to feel normal...

Hello ladies... Been a while since I last posted as I have been going through treatment. I was originally meant to have a radical hysterectomy but try specialist had a last minute change of mind and I have just completed 5 chemo, 28 radiation and 3 brachytherapys. I just had my last brachytherapy on Wednesday. My question is... When do you start to feel normal again... Physically. I understand mentally it might take some time. But physically. I'm half dead. Zero energy. Feel crap. Look crap. Bowels and bladder not great. I did have threye general anaesthetics in 5 days, two blood transfusions and two infections/ antibiotics so I know that's taken it's toll on me too. Plus I'm prob having some menopausal signs ( I'm 31). I'm so bloated   From the steroids I don't even recognise myself and I just feel miserable. will I ever feel normal or like my old self :(

Hi there

Good news that the treatment is over.......

I had the chemo/radio/bracky treatments earlier this year and fully sympathise with you and after the treatments I felt exactly how you describe, and it turned out that my blood count was really low, and I had a water infection.  The oncologist gave me antibiotics for a week.  I also had really bad bowel problems - it felt like I was passing glass, and I can honestly say it made me cry a few times..... this wasnt helped by the frequency !!   The oncologist gave me a cream to help because the gel the radio team gave me wasnt helping.....   during this time I also passed some blood which was frightening...  Then just under two weeks after the end of my treatment I woke up one morning and felt full of energy, bowels and bladder settled - they werent as they were before the treatment, but they didnt hurt and they were 'behaving'.   Things continued to improve after that for about two weeks, and then settled down, only to be replaced by the full menopuase symptons.

We all react differently to the treatments that the teams throw at us and reading the forum it takes some longer to recover (albeit to a new normal).  If you are concerned talk to your medical team for advice, but most importantly dont be hard on yourself, relax, and give your body time to recover (easier said than done !!)

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Congratulations on finishing your treatment. Different people react in different ways and from reading lots of ladies comments we all heal at different rates! I took a few months to get some semblance of my old self. The tiredness reduced slowly, my appetite came back gradually. All the aches and pains faded daily, but it will happen. Your body has been through such an ordeal. It needs to be treated gently. My advice is to sleep, eat lovely food, take gentle walks in the sunshine and generally be kind to yourself. 

Karen x