Finished treatment and feeling a little lost

Hi All,

I was diagnosed in March with CC 2b with node involvement and started treatment in April, 28 radiotherapy, 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy.  I have just had my final brachytherapy and i know this sounds silly but I feel a bit lost.  I am currently signed off from work as my treatment just wiped me out, I am still pretty tired and sleep most afternoons, even doing the hoovering is hard going some days!  So I am by no means ready to go back to work but now I dont have my daily radiotherapy (3 hour round trip) and no hospital or consultant appointments until July I dont know what to do with myself durng the day.

Has anyone else felt like this?  I guess everything shouold go back to normal but what is normal now?

Marie x 

I felt the  same  i got very down  i was  sleeping  so much which  isnt surprising  my bloods were  so low i was  nearly admitted to hospital after  bout  2 weeks i tried to walk  to shop daily it got me out was a mission at first  but gradually  got  easier then  i went  to a further  shop if that makes  sense any questions  plz ask big hugs I'm  here  if u need  to talk 

Hi Marie 

i think pretty much all of us felt we were left hanging when treatment finished so what you are feeling is normal. You really must get some fresh air and a small amount of exercise. Even stretching or slow walking as this will help you feel so much better. Try to rest when you are feeling tired but give yourself tasks everyday to keep focused and not think too much. 

As each week passes you will start to feel better and better. 

Congrats on finishing treatment!!!


Congratulations on finishing your treatment! I finished mine a couple of weeks ago and I'm feeling stronger by the day. I feel anxious at times about the results and my bloods are still very low but I've found it helps me to have a plan of things to do each day to help me feel normal.  I've not considered going back to work yet until my bloods are normal as I'm a nurse and don't want to risk catching anything. It's a strange feeling not going to hospital each day and the feeling that you're not doing anything but I'm trying to focus on the fact that the treatment is still working !! 

Hope you start to feel stronger x


Thank you all for your comments :-)  I know when I had my last Brachytherapy they said my bloods were very low so maybe thats part of it.  I have started going out for a little walk every day just around the block which makes me feel a little better now I just need to find something else to do instead of sitting in front of the TV every day :-)

I think we all forget dont we that just because we have finished going to hospital every day doesnt mean that the treatment isnt still working and taking its toll on the body.

Heres to getting stronger :-)

Marie x