When will I feel better?

I finished 35 radiotherapy and 5 Cisplatin 3 weeks ago yesterday.
I am still nauseous, still gave terrible burping and hiccuping, have oral thrush again and I am exhausted.

I had a 7cm x 5cm tumour which infiltrated my parametrium and also metastasised to my lymph nodes.

My 4 week scan showed the tumour had reduced in size by 1cm and the lymph nodes likewise had reduced in size.

I’m just wondering, when will I start to feel any better?

Has anyone else had a large tumour of this size?
Thanks so much.

Hi Shewolf To be honest I didn't feel normal until 5 months after the last brachytherapy. Mainly it was fatigue, shortness of breath and incontinence. I was still functioning though. I think I went back to work after 2 months. Give yourself time. 

Glad  it not  just  me  im 4 n half  weeks  post  treatment  im still  a bit  sore  down  there  it is getting  loads  better im shattered  all  the time n im always  in loo well feels lik i am  lol hope  u feel  better  soon xx

Thank you ladies. I've just come back from Cyprus, where I had a great, if tiring, time. I am just so bloated now-from my toes, tummy, to my face.

Anyone has this? I have pins and needles in my feet too. 

I get  bloating  in my belly