When do you get MRI after treatment

Hi ladies!

I am 7 months post diagnosis and very blessed to have had the all clear since my surgery in December. I was just wondering at any point are you offered another MRI scan? It will be a year in November since diagnosis and a year in December since surgery.

Thanks in advance xx

I think it depends on your doctor and what your grading is,  I am a year post treatment in October and I had a pet scan and mri before my 1st check up then I've got my 2nd appointment on Friday but I don't know if more scans will be booked at this point. I've got advanced cancer as well so that might be why I have scans to see if it has spread or begun to grow somewhere else....

if your worried speak to your cancer doctor xx

I had a radical hysterectomy for stage 1b1 two weeks ago. My consultant told me they don't do routine follow up scans. i feel kind of in the dark about what follow up they actually do! I have an appointment in three months so I suppose I'll find out then. 

Hi Gemz,

It seems that this really varies from place to place. I had my first scan (CT, not MRI) about 10 or 11 weeks after I finished chemo-rads and then every six months thereafter. Some people never get scans. You should ask your team what their usual procedure is. Some people find it very reassuring to have scans but they can bring on a terror worse than initial diagnosis.

Be lucky :-)



i had CT in January, 6 months after 1st surgey and 4 months after 2nd. My next scan is in September. Despite what the doctors say i insist on a scan :)

Thanks ladies for all of your comments I'll check at my next appointment in October. I really want an mri as a precaution after my 1st year in remission but it's all very confusing.

Wishing you all well xxx