MRI frequency in follow up to chemoradiation

Hi all,

Would be interested in hearing your follow up timetable post chemoradiation.

I had MRI (inconclusive) followed by biopsies at 3 months post treatment.

I had an MRI at 7 months post treatment. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still awaiting the results as they have somehow gone missing (!?!).

They are proposing clinic but no MRI at 11 months, then another MRI at 14-15 months.

Is this standard?

Have to say, I regard this first year as critical and do not feel secure at this stage with a full 7-8 months wait for my next MRI (assuming they manage to locate the missing one and it doesn't show anything amiss).

Would welcome input.


On another small matter - so many people talk about their 'gynae consultant' or their 'onc consultant'.

I am intrigued. I have paperwork with my consultants name on it, but have never actually met him. I have seen doctors from his team (although never the same one twice), but not the boss. Do you other ladies really get so much access to a consultant? 


Best wishes to you all.

Hello hello - yes I have also been told that after my 6 months scan, I have no more scans - just internal check ups - which is fine - but I do worry - as I like the security of a scan.

I spoke to my GP and she said if I want a scan, she will order one for me - you can always get one done privately.


I hardly saw my consultant whilst I was being treated - maybe twice - I always saw the Nurse and the registrars - it's good you're getting letters with their name but must be weird not to of met them!


Best of luck xxx