Follow-up appointment but no scan?

Hi there ladies,

Hope everyone is well, I’m looking to settle my mind a little if anyone has any advice.

I have my follow-up appointment on 27th, which marks 8 weeks since I finished ny treatment. However, I have no scan booked and my consultant wants to give me a ‘break’ before moving on. Could this mean that I have more treatment or something?

I don’t want to not be scanned and just left not knowing, and worry this is what will happen for a while. Just feel like I’ve waited so long. I’m still not allowed back to work so I’m getting anxious now!


Hi Hani,

I have no idea why some ladies get a scan and others don't.

I think if it is causing you stress not having one,then you should

ask for one.

Hope everything works out for you.

Take care

Becky x

Hey Becky,

Thanks, I'm certainly going to ask. My main concern is that during my firstBrachytherapy, my Dr told me that my cervical tumour was looking good, that there wasn't a lot there.

However he told me that the scans do not show my pelvic area, where there was another large area attaching itself to lymph nodes and blood vessels. So I'm worried about that, as initially he wanted to operate prior to chemo, but it would have been risky.

Thanks again! 

I have no advice but would ask why you aren't being scanned. 

Why aren't you allowed back to work?x

hi Hani,

if if a scan would put your mind at rest, ask for one!

I remember dreading my first post treatment MRI but it was such a relief to get the results!

Big hugs,


Hi Hani,

I could be wrong here but I thought they usually like to wait until at least ten weeks after treatment before performing a scan.
Definitely ask at your follow-up appointment!

Be lucky :-)

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies. I've been told by the hospital and my docs that I can go back start of Jan. I work in HMV full time and I'm on my feet all day, work want a medical report too to day I can go back.

I know there's different wait times, but consultant has said he wanted to give me a break before the next 'stage'.

Will know more Friday... 

Hi, i ad my follow up scan 2 weeks ago and I was examined and at this appointment I was old I needed all my scans again  see how the treatment  gone on. I am waiting for these to come through then I will be seen again in 6 weeks.

i believe this is normal practice.

i apologise for the missing words my iPad keeps deleting them!!