Advice please

Hi Ladies


Just a bit of advice wanted really.


I finished my treatment 17/03/2015.

Had MRI 23/06/2015 and it was confirmed that no cancer remained. I had my 6 month check on Monday and my consultant was happy with my progress, examined me and all good. He then said that he would not scan me again now, unless I started showing symptoms again. I was happy about this as I hate MRI's but my husband is panicking. Could anyone tell me if this is normal procedure or should I be scanned more often?


thanks for you help


hi Becky,

i was scanned 8 weeks after treatment had ended and again 10 months later. I guess it was nice, psychologically, for me to have a scan exactly a year after I had started treatment.

As you can see from my signature I am now past the 5 year mark.

If you are concerned, just speak to your consultant next time you see him.


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Hi Becky,

It seems to vary from place to place how many follow-up scans you have. I'm sure that they wouldn't risk not scanning you if they thought for a moment it was putting you at risk. I think that this is just an indication of how very effective the treatment is.

Be lucky :-)

Hi there, I have had no follow up scans just check ups whixh involve checking the abdomen and internal and that's it. My doctor or professor is.of the opinion scans cause a lot of stress unless you present with symptoms there would be no reason to check. I had an xray and bloods done recently for bowel issues and they were normal so that wasreassuring in a way. But I'd say unless you feel unwell in unusual experience pain that is different this is a great step forward in recovery. I have faith that anything untoward going on he'd find it at that check up and dig deeper so I'm comfortable with how he chooses to play it :).


Charlene xx 

This is all very interesting. My follow-up regime includes CT scans every six months for five years and then one every 24 months thereafter. I had hoped to schedule my next scan for Monday 26th October but the hospital tells me they cannot fit me in on that date and so far have not offered me an alternative. The journey to the hospital is such that involves me spending three nights in a youth hostel. It just so happens that we will be travelling through that city on our way to and from a family wedding which is why I particularly wanted specific dates (and usually I can be scanned on whatever date suits me, lucky I know!) So I'm thinking that if I cannot be fitted in whilst passing by then perhaps I should just skip it until April. I am so far four years without any signs of recurrence so I don't think I am putting myself at risk by skipping one scan, but my mother is just so worried about what might happen if I miss one. Does anybody have any words of comfort and reassurance I can pass on to my mum in the event that I do skip this one scan?

Hi Tivoli,

You have been a fount of knowledge for many on this forum so li hope I can reassure your Mum.

I am 5 year clear and my last scan was in November 2011. My oncologists (I was lucky to have 2 looking after me) told me that as long as I felt fine and there was no bleeding I had nothing to worry about! i had total confidence in them and at every consultation they looked pretty pleased with how everything looked and felt inside :-) and they were right as 5 years later I am celebrating and the red vino has never tasted so good!

As we often say, we also know our body and if we feel fine then I believe we are fine. Don't get me wrong, over the past 5 years I have had ups and downs but overall it has been ok and as the oncos said "enjoy life! not every ache and pain is cancer-related". How right they are!

Stay well,



Thanks so much for that Naz :-) I shall pass it on to my mum immediately :-)

Be lucky :-)

I have jut finished my treatment - yay! And I've got my 1st check up for 26th November for I'm assuming an internal then I've been told a scan will follow....I'm assuming each consultant is diffrent with how they deal with things and depending on your grade and how the treatment has gone depends how they deal with you. I too agree that you know your own body - if your mum worries just reassure her that you will consult the hospital if you feel anything "not normal" I have to keep telling my mum as she thinks that if you aren't smiling every minute your depressed! That's what she's like!

When the hospital thought the cancer had spread I knew it hadn't as I know my body weird to say but it's true and I was correct!

Good luck not that you need it from the sound! Xx