What do you know about having abdominal hysterectomy under local anesthesia?

Found lump in lower abdominal area last week. Saw my PCP same day. Have had ultrasound done, because ct scan takes long prep time for me. PCP recommends oncology team reconsider hysterectomy now. (It was not physically possible at time of diagnosis.)

Can not have GA due to allergic reactions. I don't wake up. So called friend who recently had hysterectomy and she said she was given the option of Local, instead of GA. I contact Oncologists tomorrow.

Has anyone any knowledge or experience with Local Anesthetic during abdominal hysterectomy. Maybe much like a cesarean birth?

Now I could use a hug, Katie

Hi katie Hunni I have no experience with a hysterectomy however I did have a c section whilst I was awake I had an epidural, couldn't feel anything other than a bit of tug and pulling no pain during the procedure. Not sure how much my experience will help but thought I would share with you just incase. Good luck Hunni and take care.

sending you a massive hug!! 



Thank you, Dominique. I am really working on 'breathing' and believing that it will work out for my best good. Yes, I am scared. Telling myself it is only natural and best to acknowledge it for mental and physical health. Can not even phone my oncologists for 2 more hours. (PCP called at closing time yesterday and oncologist office had just gone to answering service and on-call Dr, when I phoned. PCP wants me to notify the rest of team so they will start taking action without having to take the time to figure out where my head is.)

Couldn't figure out why my stomach was not flatter. PCP just told me the last ct scans in May had shown some fluid in my uterus. The ultrasound sound does not show what it is now, but you can sure tell something is wrong now. They will just have to figure out a way to do surgery or something. I won't know what they will decide for awhile. Don't know if they will do MRI or PET, and then decide on course of action.

My friend, who recently had hysterectomy, told me she also had had a c section eight years ago. She thinks that because I am 'skinny' that it would make it easier surgery than for a lot of people.

I have only told two people I felt would acknowledge my needs and not burden me emotionally right now, so this site is a true blessing.

Hi Katie,

I have no idea about this.Is it a total hysterectomy or a radical.

It would make a big difference regarding length of procedure.

Can you have more than one epidural at a time?Would it be safe?

Hope you get some answers.You have been through so much.

Keep us posted,and thanks for all the good advice you have been sharing.

Take care

Becky x


Thank you, Becky. I don't have much information yet. My chemo oncologist called me back after looking at the ultrasound this morning as soon as he could. He said next step is for me to see my gyno oncologist, who is 2 hrs away, so I more than dread the thought of the drive to/from and the exam.. (And since US doctors don't all have women using dialators, the transvaginal ultrasound was alot more miserable than them pressing on my abdominal area.)

Chemo Oncologist was sweet, he asked how my 'tummy' felt today. I always use anatomy terms and so does every other doctor I know. But he does not seem to think surgery would be a good idea, that it would make me take a nosedive. It is probably blood, not a mass in my uterus. But the team will have to come up with a plan. Not looking forward to any of this. If they can drain the uterus, they would probably use radiation on it to stop bleeding or whatever. At least I know more than I did before and could possibly avoid many side effects of radiation therapy that I had before. If no surgery, it will probably be considered continuing the palliative care.  

At diagnosis of stage 3 they said they could not do surgery because cervix was all a soft mass and they couldn't sew me back together. It now seems to be scar tissue from radiation. Guess it would take a good MRI to really show what cervix and uterus look like now. So I guess I am in limbo for awhile.

I will let you know what they come up with when I know something. Continuing to pray for healing and guidance, and that my team will be inspired to be able to help me in all the ways that I need. I also pray for all of you. Katie 

Status Update:

Oncologist Team discussed ultrasound scan results. They are not in favor of surgery without more information. PET Scan to determine current tumour status is being scheduled by Chemo Oncologist at local hospital, and then I will schedule appointment with Gyno Oncologist. 

While trying to wrap my head around this, I am watching funny YouTube videos to be sure I get at least 5 minutes of laughter a day. They are only the cute funny ones. (Not where anyone is hurt or pets are scared.) It is helping.

My prayers are for all of us. Hugs, Katie