Spinal Block for hysterectomy?

Has anyone had spinal anesthesia for their hysterectomy? I don't want GA. Will they give me spinal if I want? 

I am pretty sure it's a no go. It's quite a long operation. I am sorry you are so scared to be out under GA but I know there are lots of ladies that can give you some reassurance





I had a spinal block AND a GA, which was very common with the other ladies on the ward (to have both).

Izzzy is right, it is a long operation, I was out for several hours despite everything all going as planned/straightforward. I had no bad effects from either and although I was scared of having a GA I wouldn't hesitate if I had to make the choice again- though appreciate everyone is different xXx


I had spinal and GA. Woke up tired a d confused but fine and no pain at all. 

If you are affraid of GA tell your consultant, they will be able to give you something to settle your nerves. I was so anxious right before the surgery they had to sedate me a bit before they were able to give me spinal and put me to sleep. I just regret I didn't ask them for that earlier (I was admitted at 7am and didn't go to the theatre till 1pm) 

If you have any more questions, feel free to pm or ask here, happy to help :) 

You got  this! 


If it's a radical hysterectomy you will need an epidural and a GA. Neither  are to be feared. They are extremely safe. Good luck.


I'm having a leep done on the 17th with a spinal block. I think the can do a vaginal hysterectomy with a spinal block. I'm super obese so general anesthesia isn't the safest for me.

Hi angela1980

A leep is very different to a hysterectomy, and a simple hysterectomy is also very different to a radical, and open surgery different again to laparoscopic which is also different to vaginal, and so on etc. There are a lot of variables just within this one procedure and thats without even taking into account other pre-existing health concerns that could come into play

Your anaesthetist will certainly make a carefully considered plan for your surgery, weighing up the balance of various risks alongside your preferences and individual circumstances and you should be given an explanation as to how they arrive at these recommendations, especially if they advise against your preferences.

I hope all goes well for you, and you're able to have the procedure in the way you'd prefer xXx