Advice needed please

ive been told I will have to have a spinal injection of pain killer before I'm put to sleep for my laparascopic radical hysto..I'm just wondering has anyone ever had a laparoscopic radical hysto without having this painkiller directly into their spine!? I've been told it will give me pain relief for 24 hrs after the op but I will also have a drip of morphine so tbh I would rather give the spinal a miss as I've had previous epidirals and they've never gone very well! 


Kay x

Hi Katy,

I had the spinal block for my op, I was really anxious about it to the point of shaking so they gave me a big dose of god knows what to calm me down begore putting it in. Obviously I don't know what it would be like to go without it, but i wasn't in too much discomfort after the op whoch was probably down to this. 

good luck with your op and wishing you a speedy recovery x

Hi thanks for your reply..was it a spinal block you had or just painkiller directly into your spine? They've told me this isn't a block but a strong painkiller that will last for 24houts after the op...I'm having the op tomorrow and still haven't decided what to do for the best 


Kay x