Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy

Hi everyone, just come back from a meeting with another consultant and it's all go for next Tuesday may 16th for a radical having it done laparoscopically so I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had this done and can let me know what to expect and any tips to make this go a smoothly as possible


Kay x

Hi Kay,

So pleased you've got a plan. We both seem to have been swinging between the treatment plans for an eternity now!

They started my rad hysto 2 weeks ago but found cancer in my lymph nodes so just removed all of my lymph nodes my fallopian tubes and relocated my ovaries instead. Although healing time they said was the same. 

Apparently you can get pain from trapped wind from all the air they pump into you so affter surgery I made sure I drank plenty of water and avoided any foods that would make me feel bloated and took some peppermint teabags with me to have instead of normal tea and I didn't get any wind pain.

I also had to rethink my outfit home as I swelled like a balloon. Haha. I had 3 incisions in my knicker line, 2 in my belly button, and one higher up. So pants/leggings/trousers were a bit tricky. I ended up going home in an old maternity dress. My cheeky husband asked how long I was going to use the excuse of "swelling" for not fitting in my clothes. 

Pain wise it's all totally manageable. Just take the pain killers they give you and you'll be absolutely fine. I think I started to feel a bit more human after a couple of nights.

Good luck xx



Aw Thankyou for the advice...what happens with you next? Can I ask did you have the spinal pain relief? My doctor said yesterday before I am out to sleep I will need to have an injection of pain killer into my spine which I'm a little worried about as precious epidurals I've had when having my sections have been horrific! So wondering if I could manage the pain without it! Hope you have a plan sorted now and know which way your moving forward 

Kay xx

No a spinal was never mentioned. Are you allergic to other types of painkillers that they may have used instead? I was in a bit of pain when I woke up but they just gave me some IV painkillers through one of my canulas. If you're worried I would ask your doctor why you need it and why not everybody has it. 

I've got 5 weeks of chemo radio starting on the 29th and 4 brachy sessions after. Just glad I have a plan now really and can regain some control on my life :) xx

I know what you mean by having a plan its slightly easier to deal with when you kind of know which direction you are going in...the anaesthetist said that they always give this painkiller into the spine as the pain from the rad hysto is so bad and this last for 24hrs and it helps with getting me out of bed asap to stop clots etc! But she then went on to say that I will also have a morphine drip with a button so I can administer that when needs be so I'm thinking well how much pain am I likely to be in!!! I'm just really nervous to have the spinal so i may say I'd rather not have it and take a chance!! 

Good luck with the chemorads I will have everything crossed for you 

Kay xx

Hi, I think I'm about seven weeks post op now. It's hard to say. Lots of peopleon here and you talk of a morphine drip, I didn't get this, however there was a liquid which I think was morphine based. My two bits of advice would be, don't suffer the pain and ask for meds if needed (my surgeon advised me of this after op!). secondly I would have visitors, i talked people off it for various reasons before I went in but I really missed having a helping hand or someone to get me a decent coffee! So don't be proud, get folk in to cheer you on. 

I was home after two nights and much better once back in own bed. I found catheter the biggest pest but it's all done before you know it and again seems everyone has different experiences of that. I had to do ten days which was a drag.

ps. go buy some big granny pants knickers, you'll want them to cover the stitches when youre in clothes. I got a size up for comfort but that's really an individual choice. Best of luck. It goes quickly x

Hi Lizzy,

I'm due to have my rad hysto within the next 2 weeks, but due to other surgery complications I'm likely to have my catheter in for 14 days. Can you let me know do the nurses show you how to care for teh catheter?  i'm beginning to panic over this as I dont want to get an infection, and also - i was told that I will need to self adminsiter fragmin aswell - did you have this too?

Sorry I've tried replying twice but it won't let me! Will try again further down x

Hi Kazza, yes they'll show you and youll be able to call district nurses too if you need them. It's fine the doing of it i just can't deny I found it a pest to have strapped to me. I had a leg bag for day then changed to a night bag at bedtime. Yes I had the injections too. First time I did fine second time I got husband to do them. When you're still doped up you really won't care. They don't hurt a bit if you squeeze some flesh it's just the thought of it that's worst!

hope that helps. i mean the catheteter is fine, I can't be more positive as I just disliked it, but the time goes and it'll be off and you'll feel amazing again. :-) 

Thanks Lizzy! Feel better now xxxx still waiting for my date. Just had a missed call, private number, think it was the hospital (body typical). Hopefully they will call back xxxxx