Abdominal or Open Hysterectomy

Hello Ladies, I am 37 and I just wanted to ask how many of you have had abdominal or open hysterectomies.  I have just been diagnosed and am currently waiting to have my ct and mri scans confirm where the cancer is localized, a biopsy has confirmed Adenocarcinoma stage 1b1 and a full open hysterectomy has been advised.  I have read about other procedures and did ask why they could not be performed instead but they said they want to be able to see everything.. I have read that this surgery is far more invasive and that recovery time can take up to two months.  This is my second brush with cancer, this cancer was there parallel to the first cancer (NHL) and has only just been discovered a year later.  I would like to know also if any of you who have had this procedure done were advised to take HRT or just went through menopause.  I have so many questions and although I feel I don´t have much choice in the matter, I would like to be armed with as much information as possible although it´s hard as everyones experience is different and also have different procedures done.  Is there really no choice but to do this drastic surgery??  I´m very grateful for anyone who can let me know what to expect, is it really that bad, this particular type sounds a bit drastic.. Thank you ladies xoxoxo

Hi there,

What you have been told is correct. Most of us have recovered in less than two months but I suppose 'up to two months' gives you a worst case scenario. I am older than you and was just beginning menopause anyway, and have been told I may not have HRT but some of the other women here have it. Try not to focus quite so hard on how 'drastic' this surgery is and focus instead on what an effective cure it is.

Be lucky :-)



Hon. I had a full open radical hysterectomy last year! They warned me about everything you have mentioned! It really wasn't that bad at all. I was in hospital for three days post op and felt fine, no nausea. I needed a blood transfusion as well. I walked once home, and by three weeks I was walking a mile twice per day, and went swimming (16 lengths) at almost six weeks post op! They have to give you worst case scenario! Xxx


3 weeks ago today I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in which they took my cervix & womb but kept my ovaries, I'm 39. They said unless there's a problem 45 is the cut off to keep your ovaries hence I'm not in menopause yet. I'm doing great & should of had a period by now but have had NO symptoms, its great!

If you have any questions just ask.

Good Luck,

Clare xxx