What are the chances? WWYD

So I had a smear test in May 2019 (before HPV testing in my area), this came back as no cell changes. Due to some irregular bleeding I was referred for colposcopy in January 2020 and while waiting for that appointment I did a private HPV test which came back as positive for HPV16.
My colposcopy was fine, no areas of concern seen and no biopsies taken.
I was put into a yearly recall and in May 2020 I had an NHS smear test which came back as Negative for HPV and back to 3 yearly recall.

I had a baby in November 2021 and I’m just worrying that 3 years is a long time if I have HPV 16 (I assume my NHS must be faulty if it then found me to be negative after I had a private one positive?).

So I’m wondering if I should book a private smear test?
What would be the chances that in 2 years from a clear colposcopy that I will have developed cervical cancer? And would you book a private smear?

Hello how far apart were the 2 HPV test that you did? Maybe between the private test and NHS test your body clear it. Most people clear it the people in this forum we are the few unlucky ones.
. About the chance of getting cervical cancer after having a clear colposcopy in 2020 are extremely low cervical cancer takes very long to develop and most probably abnormal cells will be found before any cancer is found and easily treated. But if getting a private test will make you feel more at ease do it mental peace is so important.
Congratulations on your little one.

Thank you.
So I did the private HPV test in January 2020 and the NHS one was in May 2020 (so 4 months between tests).
I’ve been with my husband for 17 years so must have had HPV for that long at least.

Hello then no reason to believe that your NHS test was wrong probably your body just got rid of this stupid virus, congratulations but like I said if it makes you feel more relaxed then do the test before is due for peace of mind. Take care