Hpv positive. Cytology negative

I recently attended for my smear. I paid private for quick results as it was five years since my last one and I had a lot of anxiety.

Thankfully no changes were shown to the cells but I tested positive for high risk hpv. 

I live in Scotland where Hpv is not yet routinely checked during smears with the NHS so I am a bit lost as to what the next steps are. I wouldn't want to wait 3 years until my next smear if I have hpv. My husband is my only partner so I am guessing I have had the virus a long time and haven't been able to clear it.

Can any who lives any part of the country where they do test for hpv advise me of their experience? 


This is where private tests cause confusion. They should have told you to have a repeat in a year. Make a note in your diary and go for a private test again next year - or see your GP and find out when you next NHS one is due.


I had this test result last April. I was advised to return in a year for a repeat smear to see if my body cleared the HPV. I unexpectedly fell pregnant shortly after and had my little girl in April this year. I just went for my smear in July and was told HPV was still present and I had some low grade change. I presume this might be because pregnancy suppressed my immune system which made the virus harder to fight off. I had a colposcopy and a biopsy taken.