Went today for routine smear test and now very worried

Hi Ladies


I went today for my routine three yearly smear test and the initial nurse that I saw couldn't locate my cervix, I also have a mirena coil and she couldn't find that either.  Anyway she called in a more experienced nurse who managed to locate both, when she had a look she said that my cervix looked inflamed and that she wanted to refer me to a specialist for further screening and that I would be seen within two weeks.  


This sounds pretty urgent to me and obviously now I am worried sick that it's going to be something bad.  I have always had my smear tests when I should and have never missed one or had an abnormal result.  


I had the mirena removed under local aneasthetic and re inserted in January by a consultant in hospital so I would of hoped that they would see if there were any lesions there at that point? The nurse said that the coil could be causing the inflamation but I don't know what to think.  I haven't any othe symptoms apart from a bit of periodic lower back pain which I had just attributed to over exercising and bad posture!


Has anyone else had an experience like this or can offer any advise on what could be going on down there?