hard lump found in cervix....very worried :-(

Hi there

I'm in need of some advice if any could help or have experienced similar?!

The last 8 week's I've been suffering Hurrendous cramps, back/pelvis pain. I attended my doctors before moving home and was told it could be my coil and she didn't have time to do a internal to check. :-/

I've since moved home and back to my family gp were I made an appointment to see the doctor and nurse to get my smear done as was 2 years late having it! (bad I know)

I explained to this doctor the same but mentioned bleeding after intercourse and now having a watery discharge.

Was told to have smear, swabs and full internal from nurse so he didn't make me any more uncomfortable then I already am with the pain.

She carried out smear and swabs and she Said to make appointment to see Gp to have this certain internal (can't pronounce the actual name)

So returned the following day (weds) and she carried out the internal and Said my coil had moved slightly but wasn't worried but then asked me to get dressed and talk to her once I was done.


She said carrying out this procedure out she came across a hard lump at the top of my cervix and was referring me to see a specialist as was concerned due to how I was feeling with pain etc and now a lump. Also couldn't believe the nurse couldn't see.this whilst carrying out my smear?!! I'm now  To return weekly to see doc and keep them updated with any changes.

I'm absolutely worried sick :'(

I'm still in pain daily and just wondered if anyone had experienced or going through similar??!!

Sorry for such a long post.

 Thankyou all

Angela x

Sorry to hear about your experience... Hope you have had some good news since your thread. I have not experiences anything similar but just wanted to say fingers crossed for you.

Donna x