Weight gain

Hi everyone, 

So I'm now 5 months or so post treatment. 

I'm luckily back to feeling pretty good. 

One thing I can't seem to get back to normal is my weight. 

I have gained a stone since march. surprised

I'm on HRT patches, have been since June. 

I have been running 3 times a week for the last 6 weeks and have been to my HIIT classes twice a week since July up until the new restrictions. 

I haven't been eating much different. But I do have cravings for sweet things. 

I know I'm less active due to the restrictions and lockdowns but any advice would be great to lose the weight and stop the cravings. 



I'm afraid I am in the same boat. I am up to 62kg and ideally should be 58. I think that is just around 9stone. But i have been really sedentry and eat a lot of sugar more than proper food. I mean a lot. 

Have you tried intermittent fasting? It actually is really good. 

Hey ladies, 

I always carried extra weight before all this but omg the bloating and extra weight from the menopause has been horrendous. It wasn't that I was eating any more than normal but my already crap metabolism was even worse.

i started intermittent fasting alternate days and the improvements were massive, I lost some weight, had more energy and the bloating subsided greatly. I highly recommend it. 
much love sweeties 


Oo thanks ladies 


I will investigate the intermittent fasting.  Sounds interesting. 

It's just such a frustration  I always wanted chocolate once a month now its ALL month. laughing


I would say don't be too harsh on yourself regarding weight gain. Your body has been through a lot and is continuing to do so as you go through menopause. It took me just over 2 years before I felt ready to get back into shape. You need to ensure you are eating well to enable your body to repair xx

I was the same but have been using weight watchers app since August and managed to lose a stone and a half. It's not for everyone but it works for me and really just makes me more conscious of what I'm actually eating....or eating more conciously! I had to be in the right mindset to get started with tackling the weight but do feel a lot better for it.

Hey lovely. 

Don't be hard on your self....you are a very intense excercise bunny you will be gaining muscle which weighs heavier than fat! 

I started herbalife 2 months post surgery and have managed to lose 28kg and feel so much better in general since starting. I love it so much and have had so many health benefits I became a coach. 

Your body has been through massive changes and we all react differently. Don't give up and just find something that works for you