Waiting times after biopsy?

Hi everyone,

Firstly I’d like to wish you all well 

Ive been having a lot of problems for over a year now such as bleeding after opening bowels (virginal not anus) with the occasional spotting, extreme pain after and during sex with bleeding , excessive discharge (absolutely hate saying that), pelvic pain with heavy feeling that radiates down my legs and a lot of soreness and the feeling of thrush constantly despite having the creams and tablets and anything they can give you. I eventually went to the doctors who ran STI and STD tests as well as others which all came back negative as well as a negative yeast infection. They examined me where the doctor was able to see some marking in my cervix so I was referred to the gynaecologist who at the time found it very definite to see as it was too painful but was able to see some markings on cervix. I then had a appointment with the gynaecologist oncology who performed a colposcopy! They had used the solution which showed some white areas but whilst the nurse done the actual colposcopy she had to get the oncologist to look and saying something about it’s all over lining and the oncologist had to look twice! They also took a picture (is this normal) Anyway they took a biopsy! Unfortunately I don’t handle appointments too well and never really asked questions! They said it takes up to 4 weeks to get the results which in my opinion is ridiculous due to all the anxiety Of waiting is awful! So my question is how long have you had to wait for your results surely it can’t take that long!! 


Thank you you in advance for your response x


Waiting is the worst isn't it 

They told me two week for mine and they came back in 9 days worst wait of my life 

I hope all is ok with your biopsy 


Thank you for your reply,

im currently on day 12 now or 8 working days if it works like that and it’s driving me crazy not knowing!

i hope everything is ok 


Forgot to say my colposcopy was done on a Friday so there’s 2 weekends in there of waiting so not sure if they work weekends as well 


I waited 3  weeks 

the waiting is the worst,hope all will be ok 

keep in touch 

Jen xxx

Hi, thank you for your reply,

It’s awful waiting! Even worse because I didn’t ask any questions! My mum was with me (behind the curtains) and she’s worried judging by their reactions  (she’s not easily panicked) which is sending all sorts of thoughts in my mind! I’m trying to think that all is ok but then your pulled into panic mode. 

I hope you are well and I will update once Iv heard back but judging by others it could be a wait 


5 weeks it was they longest wait of my life, I was convinced I was terminally ill..... but the biopsy results came back only showing wart related changes....and to have a smear in a year x

I had the bank holiday weekend aswell .. mine came back 1b1 xx

They haven't taken pics of my cervix before, totally normal, I've seen them. I've had a couple biopsys done the first took about 3 weeks I think and the second took 9 days. They get it done as fast as they can but the wait can be horrible


They took a photo of mine. I think they send this to the lab with your results so would think this was normal? 

I am still waiting for my results too, I had my colposcopy on 11 June. I went private so would of thought it would have been quicker! 



This wait is awful! I feel like I’m stalking the postman and jump every time my phone goes off! 


Going private, I would have thought you would have got your results a lot quicker! 


Wishing you all well x

I know so frustrating! I will let you know when I get mine. Good luck with yours x

Just thought I would update you.

I got my gynaecologist to call me and she said it’s taking longer because they are still testing as there is some activity with my cells. They don’t think it’s cancer, maybe something viral or because I am young. So a third consultant is having a look. She mentioned cn2 to me too and said I will probably have lletz. So just got to be patient I guess! Hope this helps other people who are waiting still too x

Hi Jasmine

Thank you for your update. I’m pleased you finally got to hear back from them, all be it not the full answers but at least you have idea. Cin2 as far as I know it’s sorted fully by lletz then regular check ups. 

Hopefully I hear soon, I had my biopsy on the 14th June so a few days after yours. 

Please keep me up dated on how your doing  xx

I’m still waiting for my results, are you?x


yes still waiting! This wait is just ridiculous! You can’t even relax thinking the longer it takes the better the news as reading some post it makes no difference regardless of results.

Are you stalking the post man like me, well that’s how it feels! 


Hey, I am having my lletz procedure on Thursday. They have my results back, but will tell me tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Hope your doing okay xx


iv had my results, low grade acetone (not sure what that means) but no cancer.

how are you? Keep me posted and I hope everything goes ok. Good luck for Thursday xx



Ah glad you got your results at last and that your okay.

The doctor said they think I have cin2/cin3. Had lletz which wasn’t bad and then will have a follow up in two weeks time with results. Hopefully it is what they thought and they got it all!

Is your gp going to help you with your symptons?

Have you had an ultrasound?x 


I’m pleased it wasn’t to bad for you, I had a scan before the colposcopy, but they now querying the vulva! I mentioned about the irritation as it’s now so bad it’s keeping me up at night and in a lot of pain! Despite not having thrush or infection! so back to the doctors next month ☹️ They only really focused on the cervical area first! 

please let me know how things are going for you x