Waiting times for biopsy results

Hi my most recent smear came back positive for high risk hpv and abnormal cell changes. I was referred for an urgent colposcopy which was on the 23rd November and the consultant kept saying she needed me to understand she was checking for cancer, she took a biopsy which got sent off as urgent and she said it would be about 2 weeks for the results but that was 3 weeks ago. Some days I’m fine and the next I’m worried sick. How was everyone else’s waiting times?


So I know different areas have completely different wait times but maybe it will give you an insight into what’s normal, my first biopsy to check if I even needed treatment was 4 weeks wait even though he said 2 weeks to me. When I then had my lletz procedure I then had a letter within 2 weeks for another appointment which was unfortunately the cc diagnoses I was dreading. I have now had my 6 month test of cure and it’s driving me mad 5 weeks Tuesday it was and still nothing! Waiting is the worse part, and he also said it should only be around 2 weeks :grimacing::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Post man must think I’m some crazy women waiting for the post. Hope your here if you want to ask any question x

Hi thanks for your reply. Waiting is definitely the worst. It was a mass that was seen at my smear and the colposcopy and biopsy were to test for cervical cancer, no mention of nothing else. Totally freaked me out. Hope you get your results soon and they’re good results and yes my postie will be speaking about the mad woman waiting on the post everyday too. Take care xx