Waiting time

Hi I'm due an appointment to get lltez done under general. Is there anyone had lltez under general and how long did they wait from getting Colopscopy and biopsies to getting the actual lltez done. I live in Scotland and received a letter saying I will be seen within 12 weeks. I don't think I could cope waiting that long as I'm struggling just now waiting as I don't know results from biopsy which was done on the 5th March. I would appreciate your help. 


Geraldine x 

Hi Geraldine - Whilst I can't answer your questions as I am still awaiting for my colposcopy, I can comment that the general feel I have (from intense research after I received that dreaded letter) that they often do lltez under general and the stuff I've read from most ladies say they do not feel a thing, can leave the clinic and carry on with every day! As for waiting times - All I can say is that I waited 3 weeks for my results!! So I expect to be waiting 4-6 weeks for colposcopy. Waiting is the worst!! However reading bits and bobs in this forum is totally reassuring. If there is a problem it is very treatable. Sorry I can't help you anymore, just know that you are not alone! x