Average waiting time??

Hi there,
Ihad lletz treatment for CIN 1 and 2- just over 5 weeks ago and still haven’t received results. They say it can take up to six weeks. I don’t want to hound the hospital- I know they are busy people but I am starting to worry they may have got lost or something – or worse found something suspicious and watching it grow!! (Literally how my mind is working right now)!

My initial biopsy results came back within 3 weeks. I am just starting to panic a bit now.

Has anyone had late results and had good news???
I am just praying for good news :frowning: love to all going through this xxxx

8th June 16- moderate dysk
24th June 16- 2x punch biopsies at colposcopy
13th July 16- biopsy results state CIN 1 and 2.
9th August 16 - lletz procedure
Awaiting results


Here's my waiting times experience 

I went for a colposcopy after receiving a severe dyskaryosis result. At colposcopy they spotted the cells and performed a lletz there and then. Around 4 weeks later I hadn't received my results and couldn't resist calling to chase them up. They weren't back but the following day I received a call, my results were in. CIN 3 with clear margins. 

IIt took 10 weeks before I got them by letter. Whether that was because id been informed over the phone earlier.. I dunno? 

The day I called to chase them up I asked if there was a delay of there was something wrong etc and was told that if theyd found something sinister Iwould've heard within 2 weeks of the lletz. 

I've noticed thru reading posts on here that the longer you wait the better. 

Also I don't think they would watch a cancerous sample in the lab, it's either there or it's not. I don't think it would need to cultivate like a bacteria or virus. 

Roxy x 



I waited 7 weeks and rang them on a Friday asking what's going on! Then the next morning I got a letter saying I had to come back for Letz treatment! I would definitely give the hospital a ring and see whats going on and why have you. not heard anything ! :)