lletz results why does it take so long

Hi had lletz 2 weeks ago and results are back at the hospital so why on earth should it take another week to 10 days for them to let me know the results. What are they going now. Such a waiting game it's not fair on people making them wait this long once results are back. Rant over xx

I'm waiting for results after cin 3 removal ... Terrified. 

TThat's what im waiting for hun. Fingers crossed we both get results we want good luck chick xx

I'm waiting too. Its been 2 weeks and 6 days!! 


I had lletz in November and biopsys and it was Cin 2. My 6 month smear showed hpv still so had another colposcopy and the consultant said there were more cells so he took a lot more and deeper. He wouldn't say what Cin it was as wanted to wait for the biopsy results!! 

I'm driving myself insane with worry :(

I hope all your results come back fine xx 

Thank you

This whole thing has been a nightmare for me, i couldn't bare having another LLETZ done, it went fine but 2 weeks after I was really ill with VERY heavy bleeding and then a period added on top.

my LLETZ was 3 weeks ago and 1 day - wish it would hurry up.