Looooong wait for results

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience to me. I’ve got my LLETZ treatment coming up next week, but I don’t really know what for.

I had my first ever smear on 5th november and got the results 21st November. Results showed dykaryosis and HPV, so I was referred for colposcopy on 21st December. At colposcopy they told me it was probably CIN1, but if it looked any worse they would take a biopsy. I bled quite a lot during the colposcopy and they took a biospy and told me the results would be back in 4 weeks. After lots of chasing I got a letter on the 5th of Feb (7 weeks later) saying that an appointment for treatment had been booked for me on the 23rd of March. I rang up to check because I assumed I would get results before booking an appointment, but they told me that they don’t give out results because it ‘confuses the patients’. To be honest, I’m more confused because I don’t know what the treatment is for. They then cancelled the treatment and moved it to 13th April. So that’s almost 4 months since colposcopy with no results.

I’m guessing since they made me wait that long that it can’t be anything bad - so if it’s only CIN2, is it worth me having LLETZ, I’ve read that it sometimes goes away by itself, and there are risks involved with the LLETZ treatment if you want to have children in the future. What are people’s thoughts?

Sorry for the long post, just feeling a bit lost and fed up with the long wait!


Hi, Millie 

sorry you have had such a long wait getting to your LLETZ treatment not sure if this will help as my experience is a little different but it seems that it is very different waiting times for treatment depending on where you live. 

i had a smear test and then got  a letter also saying dyskaryosis and was to attend the clinic for my LletX treatment is was a whirlwind.

I am not aware what severity I am hoping this will come back in the results but the consultant told me it was to remove abnormal cells and it would be 4 weeks before I got the results back. I wish I would of asked more  and maybe some one else on here can give you a better answer but I just wanted to reply as I know that it is very worrying. 

Kerry x

Hi Kerry,


Thanks so much for getting back to me :) 


They've said that there will be an opportunity to discuss my results before treatment - can't wait to find out, it's been so long now! I'm thinking that if it's only CIN1 or 2 I might just wait and see... 


Is there anything else that you think 'I wish I'd done that before treatment/at treatment'? I'm going to think of a list of questions and write them down to take with me so that I don't forget things if I get stressed at the appointment.


Thanks again, M x

Hi, Millie. 

I just dont know the severity is it CIN as I didn't know about it but I'm presuming because they did the LLETZ then it must be CIN 2,3 after reading things on the forum.

the LLETZ wasn't that bad is bareable but uncomfortable the nurses were brilliant kept me chatting and distracted. 

Hope this helps a little I know everybody's situation is different but at least we can support each other in here 

Kerry X 




Just jumping in with my two cents. It's probably not CIN 3, as I'm pretty sure they'd fast track you for LLETZ if it was, so it's probably CIN 2. The LLETZ doesn't affect your fertility, although it can have some impacts on delivering children (I think it sometimes increases the odds of needing a c-section, but I'm not interested in children so the doc and I never really discussed that), although tens of thousands of women have had a LLETZ and gone on to have normal pregnancies, so you should discuss it with your consultant / doctor, but don't let fear of the impact on pregnancy put you off having treatment. The unfortunate truth is that, although CIN 2 does sometimes go away on it's own, it's less likely to go away than CIN 1 is (which is why they often take a wait-and-see approach with CIN 1, but the standard treatment for CIN 2 is to remove it).

Good luck!