Colposcopy biopsy result times Scotland

Hi all,

Colposcopy with biopsies today, told at appointment that it looks like high grade changes and I am likely to need a LLETZ, but due to awkwardess of my cervix to access (yay me), instead of doing a LLETZ today, a biopsy was taken and once the result is back I’ll be scheduled for LLETZ under a general anaesthetic.

Just wondering what peoples experiences are of waiting for biopsy results in Scotland specifically (or Glasgow even more specifically than that) - consultant said 4-6 weeks, when he left nurse then said more like 6-8 weeks, then waiting for theatre space on top of that she said “it could be months” (not super helpful).

We all know the waiting is the absolute worst so just wondering what other peoples wait times for biopsy results/ general anaesthetic LLETZ appointments have been like. Thanks!

Hiya ,
So I’ve just been through similar except when they seen my cervix they found a mass which they knew straight away was cancer .
But I got the biopsies etc done so might be of some help .

I got them done on the 29th of august , then I got a letter for an mri which was the 19th of September. In between I kept calling up for the biopsy results and they were always saying 4-6 weeks .
But on the 20th of September the doctor called me with the results of both so I assume she had the biopsy results back when I had been calling up but didn’t want to tell me until she had the full picture.

That big ramble to tell you it took three weeks for mines :rofl: