Waiting results



I am waiting results from my colposcopy. I have lots of questions I am hoping to get from my GP on Friday such as how much cervix was removed and what now. I wasnt told what level any of the results were think it's called something like CIN 1/2/3? Also, will any of this affect my fiance? Or could he 'catch' anything?


It has been quite hard as my mum keeps on about how she has had further tests before, but not the LLETZ and she forgets she has had two children, I dont want anything to jeopardise my chances of having children.


Sorry just a bit tough at the moment. I am getting lots of pains in my tummy still a week on, but then due tomorrow for my period so might be that? 


Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

I had the LLETZ procedure done about 5 days ago and I am still getting some pain and discomfort from it as well. I think this is fairly normal.

I was told that they could only tell in the lab how big the piece removed was (I asked straightaway) but that they could tell me that when the results come back (but I think you might need to ask for the size). If the piece is bigger then 1.5cm then there's a small risk. It was the thing I am most worried about as well.

It shouldn't affect your fiance in any way, apart from not having sex for 4-6 weeks! I wouldn't be too worried about him getting HPV (if you've been told you have this) as at no point have any medical professionals mentioned that having HPV means I should tell previous partners etc. My understanding is that the HPV may go away on its own and having the loop can help this.

Hope everything works out for you and you get some more answers from your GP


Lucy xx