Lletz results

So I had my Lletz under GA a week ago today and I have to say it was IMO awful. I've been teary and achey ever since and the discharge is unreal - I had no idea what to expect. Im really very uncomfortable. 

What I'm wondering though is why such a long wait time for Lletz results? 4-6 weeks seems like forever. Do they have to wait for cultures or something? Excuse my ignorance but if I can get my head around why maybe I won't feel quite so hard done by! 

I had mine done 10 days ago too and didn't find the treatment that bad but I just had in my head to remove as much as they could, so sorry you had a bad time, discharge is nasty, im the same with the waiting to hear back my mind is racing it's so hard to think we have to wait that long for the result, some people say the longer you wait for the results the better, sending you loads of hugs xxx I've hpv and cin111 

Hello lovely, how are you getting on? 


still no results and been over 3 weeks have u any results yet? How you feeling? 

I'm in Canada and didn't receive my results for over 2 months. I hear you can get them as early as a week after treatment in the U.K., and it maxes out at 6. The waiting is the hardest part, try to keep your mind at ease and stay away from google!

Got results today "no abnormalities found, check up in 6 months time" 

That's great news!! 

Nothing hear yet, no news is good news right? Lol 

im not very good at waiting and google is absolutely my enemy right now!

I know the waiting is the worse, I rang the clinic yesterday and they had my results with a week and she told me she would post them and over it been a weekend I asked her to keep them and I would drive into collect them I couldn't wait any more, please keep me updated and keeping you in my prayers xxx