Feelings after LLETZ

Hi all,


I've not posted on here before but I'm hoping someone can tell me what I'm going through is normal. In truth I'm completely beating myself up about the whole thing.

I had my first smear a few weeks ago, and received the terrible news I have CIN3. Went for the Colposcopy and LLETZ treatment (which was horrific as they couldn't cut deep enough and I was in agony as I don't think my local anaesthetic worked). I've been told it will take 4 weeks for the results. 

Ever since then, I have encountered an infection, constant pain where my cervix is and also shooting pains in my ovary on one side. Couple this with my period was due the day of the colposcopy and still hasn't arrived and I'm also worrying about the reason behind this. I'm an absolute mess, I'm angry and constantly finding myself thinking about the procedure and I am extremely anxious about the results. I am never usually like this at all- I am normally fit and well, and normally quite a strong person but at the moment I am really not coping well at all- physically or emotionally. 

I was supposed to return to work today, but I can't face it. And when I say I can't face it, the thought of going in and dealing with the stresses of my job on top of this is panicking me. I am still taking high dose of antibiotics and painkillers, but the guilt I feel over not returning to work today is so overwhelming. 

I just wanted to share my feelings- has anyone else felt like this? 


Hi there

So sorry to hear you're feeling like this . I too had CIN 3 , also high risk HPV. This was diagnosed in December and didn't get treatment till march 2nd.

I'm like you , quite strong and keep things together but the whole thing completely threw me and knocked me sideways . It was all consuming in my mind and I couldn't function . Partly because I was worried , also worried that my ex partner who I loved but split up with has given me the HPV. 

Luckily I have lovely bosses , because I had to be sent home with stress and as i was so upset . I work in a dentists and simply could not concentrate . Even discussed time off , but I was encouraged to try to work through it which really helped. 

Try not to blame yourself , I did and it doesn't help . You will get through this and things will become clearer and not so bad

Hope this helps try to stay positive

Lorna xx

Sorry you've been having a bad time of it, I was exactly the same in the aftermath. I had pains and was emotional and felt like I had been violated in a way. I'm sure all will be fine though. I'm 4 weeks post procedure and have been feeling my normal self for a week or two. Get a Drs note and have as much time off work as you need xx


 Am new to this site but had my first colposopy and Lletz today and feel exactly the same.  I have no idea what is exactly wrong and feel very emotional. A few collegues had this done and made out like it's fine so I wasn't sure if this was normal. I think that everyone is different and I'm sure we will all differ as to how much was involved in the treatment.

 I'm currently snuggled up with a hot water bottle with horrible cramps, no bleeding or anything yet. I do feel that the whole experience wasn't great, I don't feel I had a full understanding of what was happening, what is wrong and what happens next. Just glad I found this website. 

 I hope you start to feel better soon X