Waiting on colposcopy results

Had my first smear in September and it was a shock when the results came back as abnormal cells and high risk HPV, as I had my vaccinations as a teen (I knew it was possible, just wasn’t something I had heard much of?). Had my colposcopy and biopsy earlier this month but having a hard time waiting for the results. I had contacted my GP because I’ve been having weird bleeding since January. Never had bleeding after sex before but STI screening came back neg, then periods ever since with 3-7 days in between - GP says since I’m only 25 and its only been a couple of months its probably nothing and only if it continues will they investigate further. Now having aching feeling similar to period pain even when I’m not bleeding. Everything feels like a symptom and I just feel a bit helpless? I was told I won’t get my results for 6-8 weeks, and I feel like there is not much point in speaking to the GP while I’m waiting