Waiting for biopsy results.

Hi all,
I may be worrying over nothing but the waiting does not help!
I have been having bleeding after intercourse and in between periods for over a year now. I’m nearly 27 and due to the fact I had a clear smear result when I was 25 the hospital refused to test another smear as I’m not due one yet. After many trips to the doctors I finally got referred to the gyno. The doctor was a lovely lady and said she suspects a cervical ectropian and that I would need to have a colposcopy and cold heat treatment (I don’t know what that is) I went back the following week (11/01/16) and during the colposcopy the doctor said " your smears defiantly came back clear?" I said yes to which she said she is going to have to take a biopsy. However she did not explain why perhaps as she did not want to worry over something that could be nothing.
I now have the awful wait for results potentially another 2 weeks and my mind is in overdrive. One minute I’m convincing myself it will be fine and other times I have every scenario running through my head.
For the last couple of months I have needed to go for a wee all the time especially at night. I am so tired all the time it literally makes me cry, and the other night I had dioreah which I never get. I don’t particularly feel ill just very fatigue. But all these symptoms make me worry as I know they are all symptoms of cc. I went to my gp today and she said there is not much point in doing any tests ( blood test to see if I’m aneamic etc) until the biopsy results come back. How do you get through this waiting without going crazy? Sorry that was so long xx

Hi there i experienced something similar, i had bleeding inbetween periods, but not after sex. I was referred for colposcopy with a cervical erosion and had this cauterised. I had biopsies taken too. Did the doctor who carried out your procedure say there was an erosion? They are common if you take the pill and during pregnancy and after having children. Regarding your other symptoms, they could be stress related if you are thinking about it all a lot. I was peeing frequently, waking in the night in sweats, felt sick and had backache, i convinced myself i had advanced cancer. My biopsies were clear, i still bleed oddly, sometimes its just one of those things, but good to be checked over. Maybe ask for a urine test to see if you have an infection? Hope all goes well with your results, im sure they will xx

That's a relief so glad to hear that your results came back clear! I went to my GP on Friday and to be honest I think she thought I was being a hypochondriac! Although she did take a urine sample so I'm kind of hoping I do have an infection. She asked me what I was hoping to achieve by going to see her? I just told her I was hoping for reassurance that my symptoms could be linked to something else like a urine infection and aneamia rather than be worrying and linking every little thing with cancer. She said they will not rest my blood to see if I'm aneamic until after the biopsy results are back! Anyway my husband and I had sex last night for the first time since the colposcoput and I only had a tiny anmount of bleeding so I'm thinking that must be a good thing as it used to be quite a lot. I'm sure it was just an ectropian but I still can't help but think what if? Thank you so much for sharing your story it has made me feel much better I think I'm just worrying over nothing. Xx 

Sorry just realised how bad the spelling on that was hope you understand it all! And yes the gyno does think it was erosion (ectropian) x