Waiting MRI

Hi ladies 


diagnosed on Thursday and awaiting MRI

abnormal smear last April biopsy showed CIN 2 unable to have LLETZ as fell pregnant. further biopsies 8 weeks post birth again CIN 2. Had LLETZ t weeks today and diagnosed with cc on Thursday. 

How common is this? And after MRI how long before surgery? Do you always get radiotherapy? 

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Your treatment will depend on how.advanced the tumour is. They will determine that from scans and probably an EUA.It won't necessarily be chemo radiation. There will be surgical options if it's in the earlier stages. 

Good luck!


Good luck xx

Hi Sadie,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. In some ways you're at the hardest part of your journey. The waiting is the worst and hard not to over think and worry. Share whatever is on your mind and don't use Dr. Google!!! 

Sending you positive thoughts ❤

Hi Sadie,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Like you, I am also waiting for my MRI and also PET scan. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. The oncologist is thinking lower end stage wise but I guess the tests will confirm. I wasn't given my biopsy results, other than it's "low grade" and adenocarcinoma.

Time can't fly fast enough!! Keep us posted once you know your results Sadie. I am so glad I came across this website! All of you ladies are amazing! x