New here, CC diagnosed (children mentioned)

Hi there, my name is Leanne and I am 25. I recently had my first smear test done, this came back as abnormal, showing high grade dyskariosis. It was arranged for me to have loop excision to remove the abnormal cells. I had this done on the 17/12/14. 


I was waiting for a letter through the post to confirm the results of this, however I got a call from the hospital asking me to come and the consultant in 2 days. Been a medical secretary myself, I knew something was up. Yesterday it was confirmed that along with the expected finding of CIN3 it has also shown squamous cell carcinoma.


At the moment they have staged it at 1a1, I am now awaiting an MRI. If this comes back ok I am should be able to just have come biopsy for treatment, or if not a hysterectomy is possible. I have 2 children so am ok with this option. 


I am so glad I have found this site, and will definitely be making use of it over the coming months. All you ladies are so brave x 

Hi Leanne

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am waiting on my LLETZ results at the moment and very conscious it could go either way.

There are quite a few newly diagnosed ladies in a similar position to you on here, and I am sure one of them will be along very soon to give you some words of encouragement and tell you of their experiences. It is horrible dealing with the unknown, hopefully they will give you an appointment for your MRI really soon. 

Big hugs to you at this time



Hi Leanne, Im also newly diagnosed, hope your MRI comes back ok, the waiting is really the worst part I think. This really is a great place to find lots of info at a scary time in our lives but you are not alone. xx

Thank you both.

i hope your llezt result are positive suzysooz.

Sorry to hear you have also been recently diagnosed pink glitter. Do you have any idea of staging or had an MRI yet?

The waiting is definitely the worse. I was told I need to wait 6 weeks after lletz before they can do the MRI as I will still have scaring/inflammation from it, so mine should be in about 2 weeks time.

I have my MRI this week so thats something, they *think* I am 1B1 or 1B2 but I wont really know until tomorrow when my results get back, the weeks do go by and its here before you know it but I just feel very anxious as to what is next, which im sure everyone does! hopefully these next 2 weeks pass quickly for you so you can get answers also. xx

I'm glad your MRI is this week, get things moving for you. Do you know how long you are expecting to wait after for a treatment plan?

I’m just hating all this uncertainty of we ‘think this’ and ‘it should be’ nothing is definite at the moment.


Im with both of you on this. I had my MRI on Monday.  They are supposedly discussing my case this coming Monday. Everyday is dragging! Like u both I just need to know what is happening!  Best of luck everyone xx

Hi ladies,

Thinking of you all at this nerve-wracking time. The waiting for results is definitely the worst bit. Once you know exactly where you stand it's relatively easy to move on.

Bravery? Just speaking for myself here, but as far as I am concerned the accolade of bravery can be awarded only to those who have the luxury of choice.

Be lucky



I had my smear back at the end of Nov. I got called by the hospital to attend a colposcopy which I did the beginning

of Dec. It showed I had CIN 3 cells and required LLETZ under a general due to the amount found. This was done

on the 15th of dec. unfortunately I got my results 2 days ago showing I had cancerous cells and a further operation most likely 

a hystrectomy. The operation is already booked, before my scans. I'm so glad there moving so fast but it is also worrying as I am concerned

now as to what stage I am at and if it has spread.... It just all gone so fast..... I turned up to an appointment to handed dates

of the operation a meeting with a second specialist and my pre op! All of which was pre booked before I even attended!

now it's the wait for the scan and the results........ Feeling so nervous and confused of how to feel!!


lisa xxx

Hi Leanne I am in similar positition 1a1 Cc found via Lletz, after a month of waiting  got a call asking me to come into hospital next day so knew something up but still a shock 2 kids so they recommended hysterectomy. However think I am going to have more lletz first before I decide on hysterectomy but this may be because I had Cgin and cancer found in cervical canal rather than the front of cervix. 

I just am not prepared for possible menopause if my ovaries fail from the hysterectomy and it is such a major op esp as may be abdominal hysterectomy for me due to having 2 past c-sections.I am active and hard for me to take a long time off work to recover so a big op on reflection is not really desirable UNLESS it is really needed. I have decided If I have the second Lletz and they find more microscopic cancer or precancerous cells then I will then have a hysterectomy. I am 37 and having these concerns but at your age it might be worth asking about alternatives to hysterectomy or getting some good advice/counselling before opting for hysterectomy.

Wishing you all the best at this stressful time


Hi Lisabro,

It's a bit like being on one of those moving walkway things they have at airports isn't it. You're sort-of whizzing along without moving your feet. What you need to do from here, and it's not easy so it helps to have somebody come along to your appointments with you, is you need to stop and ask questions whenever there is some new information. This is not in case the doctors are making decisions on your behalf without your say-so, as much as it is to fully understand why they are making the decisions they are making. 

Be lucky


Thank you Tivoli,

i have tonnes of paper work booklets and flyers (how I found this site) I totally trust the consultants and had the paper work today to confirm my scans next Monday.

As promised by my consultant the scan results will be through by the end of the month. I'm re assured by the team that are working with me to beat this.

I have to say the speed they are working at the NHS in my eyes need more praise then they do!! It's been a month and 17 days since my smear test, I have already had

one op several appointments and the hysterectomy already booked for the 11th Feb. ive only just turned 30, I'm going to BEAT this and come out he other side singing and dancing!!

 We can beat this ladies! STAY STRONG!!! 


Bring dancing shoes!

Im the same age Lisabro1! you go girl!  *runs to get dancing shoes*

I will be bringing my shoes too :)


so I've had a date come through for MRI... 6th feb, so will be over 3 weeks after been told cc by consultant.


I was hoping it would be this week to be honest, how did all you ladies have to wait? I'm just worried all this is going to start taking longer than they originally planned, they said MRI would be within 2weeks of consultant appointment :/

Hope all you lovely ladies are ok xx

Call from the hospital, my MRI has been bought forward by a week so now having it on 30th jan.

For those ladies who have had a MRI, did you have to have the dye injected? Xx

Hi Leanne,

Glad to hear it has been moved forward. For your own sanity if anything. I had an MRI, no dye injected. They did give me a muscle relaxant that only lasts 20mins or so. It settles down movement in intestine, colon ect. You will be fine.



Hi Leanne

I was the same as Michelle, no dye but had a muscle relaxant.  Good luck with your MRI.



Just to say I get buckets of dye injected for my CT scans, weird stuff it is, though I'm not sure if it's the same stuff they use for an MRI. 

Be lucky



 just had the relaxant thing too, so glad its been bought forward for you I did think over 3 weeks wait for MRI was quite exsessive. hope it goes well!