Waiting for results post lletz

Hello everyone, thought I'd introduce myself as I have been hovering around the forums for a few weeks! I had an abnormal smear with severe dyskaryosis and was fast tracked to colposcopy a few weeks ago. At that time the doctor said that she could see the abnormalities and could treat there and then soI had the lletz. At that time of the appointment she was fairly vague saying it was fine (which I kind of undersand as they don't really know at that point) and I sort of kicked myself after for not probing further - particulalry as I work under the gynaecology umbrella! Anyway she said I would be seen again at colposcopy clinic after 6 months and I would have the results of the lletz in about 4 to 6 weeks! It has now been about 3 weeks since the lletz and haven't heard anything so I'm taking that as no news is good news but its still frustrating waiting! Luckily I have had no complictions since the lletz or bleeding so thats pretty good and hoping to start exercing again after the weekend - killed me not doing anything!! Anyway have waffled enough, just wanted to say hello and to all you ladies out there who are not sure what to expect from the colposcop or lletz, there really isn't anything to worry about, I didn't find it painful, just slightly uncomfortable I guess, but everyone is different!


Hope you're all ok


Karen xx

Hi Kazzy, i had the same smear result as you but there was also HPV present. I had a colp and then a few weeks later a LLETZ. the nurse that did my colp said nothing looked sinister and The Dr who did my LLETZ also said she didnt think it was anything more than what they thought.  Ive just had a phone call to say my results are in and they want to see me on wednesday. Its taken 7 weeks! I was expecting the results in a letter so im pretty worried about why they want to see me. To behonest though, i cant actually remeber what they said about how i would get my results. The DR that did the LLETZ said i would have a smear in 6 months so i thought that was that. Just wondering what you were told about how you would get your results? as you can imagine my mind has run away whith me and im thinking the worst. I'm just trying to establish if its common proceedure to see the patient again. I thnk its with a different DR which could be why the DR that did the LLETZ made out she wouldnt be seeing me again. I hope i havnt worried you that was not my intention at all. I just dont know anyone thats been through this so i have no one to ask x

Hi MrsP

Well as I said she was pretty vague and just said we'll probably see you back here in 6 months. I then said "unles theres an issue which is flagged by biopsy taken at lletz" and she said yes.She told me that she would write to me with the results and this would take 4 - 6 weeks (some of that is admin time writing the letter etc). From reading other posts I think they bring you in if theres something further to discuss. My understanding is if they thought there was something to worry about they fast track the results. Sometimes they have MDT meetings and discuss the colposcopy and smear results and may call you in if theyve seen somthing there which they need to discuss with you. As MDT meetings may be fortnightly or so it may be that is the reason its been so long before theyve spoken with you. Please try not to worry, and every hospital may have different procedures in regards to giving results. Will think of you Wednesday :-)

Hi Kazzy,

If you're anxious, I would suggest calling the colposcopy nurses and getting the results over the phone - mine were available 10 days after my NETZ and got them by calling the hospital but they STILL haven't arrived by post (over 4 weeks after the procedure).  When I called the nurses again about still bleeding, I mentioned that I hadn't had a letter yet and they said 'we have a backlog of letters to be typed up!'.

MrsP, it might be that they did the Letz but didn't get clear margin on your results so might want to do further treatment, maybe call the nurses too to put your mind at rest?

It took me so long to pluck up the courage to call, I did a little countdown in my head and had sweaty palms but it was sheer relief afterwards - I don't think I realised how much stress I'd put myself under.


Good luck to you both x

thankyou ladies. i've called and left a message to be called up, they never seem to answer the phone there. My husband thinks if it was very serious then i would of been told sooner. They were quite keen for me to come in on wednesday. they only had one appointment available and were pushing for me to have it. I know theyre going to tell sometings wrong at the very least further treatment. the more i think about it the worse it is. obviously if its cancer then what will the result of treatment be, no more children? and then if its further treatment, the results could also mean difficult pregancy/no more children. im 26 and have an 8 month old son. we were going to try for another in the new year. i just cant get my head round it. 

Hi, just wanted to try and put your minds at ease a little. I was diagnosed with early cervical cancer in May this year. I had my original LLETZ, which didnt have clear borders, so had to have a further LLETZ treatment. My dr said there is no risk to my fertility, however if I fell pregnant I would be monitored closely due to increased risk of miscarriage and prem labour. Obviously I was very lucky that the only treatment needed was LLETZ, but just try to stay positive untill you know what you are dealing with :) xxx

Thanks for your responses all. I got my results yesterday (after 5 weeks) - it was CIN3 but they got all of it with the lletz and just need to go for a follow up smear with the GP in 6 months. Very relieved - keeping my fingers crossed for all you other ladies for a good outcome x