Results from LLETZ

Hi all,

I had my LLETZ four weeks ago today but I still have not received my results. Every day I am checking the post and my anxiety has gone through the roof waiting for them. People keep trying to reassure me "no news is good news" but it isn't helping, I've read on here of people receiving results around 4 weeks later and not recieving good news.  I was wondering how long people had waited for results? 

Many Thanks,

Lauren x

Hi im still waiting for my results also so I understand how u feel. It's been two weeks since mine. I hope you get good news soon the waiting is the hardest.

Hi I had mine done over 4 weeks ago almost 5 I rang the clinic last week and they had them so I went in and collected them ring the clinic and see I know how hard the waiting is and all they can say is they don't have them best of luck 

I waited 4 weeks for mine, got a call to go in

I'm just the same at the moment, I had my lletz on the 24th may. I've convinced myself it's going to be bad news. I just want to cry.


Thank you all for your replies. I tried to get hold of the clinic but havent been able to find get through. I will have to try again on Monday.

wishing you all luck for your results! X

Hi Hun, the waiting is awful! I waited 4 weeks for my results. I received a letter to go in and discuss the results with consultant. I was told my results could take up to 6 weeks. Like you, I was a bag of nerves searching through the post everyday when I came home from work. Good luck!

Hi all! I had abnormal smear , but in my letter says only Dyskaryosis - no grade or anything else.And same day receive letter for app for colposcopy.So my colposcopy was on the 13.06.2017 .I asked why I have no grade or more info, why it's just Dyskaryosis and she said that there is no grade here so they have to do colposcopy and LLETZ same morning.All fine but now I'm waiting on results and the more days passing the most scary I am.Is that cancer????

In the leflet they gave me is says that Loop Diathermy is not treatment of choise for cancer and this is not cancer , but this is only general leflet.

So I can't wait , I'm so worried!!!

Please give me advise