Waiting for results from smear

Hey :wave:
I’ve never posted here before but alway read people’s posts :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve just had my smear test done down the GP for my yearly check up
I’m hoping on 3 years NED this year :pray:
I was just wondering what the wait time is for anyone had one recently as I’m sooo impatient :see_no_evil:
Thanks Kirst


I think it varies on the results and how busy there are . I live by no news is good news .
When did you have your smear I was told anything from 4 weeks . But then I left it a couple of weeks and then rang . I think it just depends

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My results came in about 4 weeks xx

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Thank you :blush: I only had it this morning :see_no_evil: but the nurse said 2 to 4 weeks and if not heard anything after 4 weeks then to ring GP :slightly_smiling_face: was just wondering what other people had to wait :grin: xx

Hi, I had mine on March 3rd and was told results should be with me around 2 weeks. Received them after 5 weeks, I am in the central belt of Scotland If this helps x

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I had my smear 5 weeks ago and no results yet. I had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment for the smear to start with. So that’s 8 weeks from receiving my invite letter!!
I had lletz treatment October 2020 and had to wait 6 weeks for result letter. I have been on this journey now since July 2018 with a first ever cell changes indication! I have been back and forth 6 months then a year then 6 months. Now last Year 2020 NHS Scotland decide sensibly to test for HPv. I was positive for HPV with cell changes had treatment and now waiting results for my 6 monthly follow up! To say this system is clunky and distressing is an understatement! Absolutely stressed out over the entire situation… and my age? I am 59 years old… can the NHS please make this screening a lot more user friendly! Please because this is just terrifying.