Wait time for smear results Scotland

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has recently had a smear test in Scotland and how long it took for your results to come?

I had my smear 6 weeks ago and I am still waiting on my results. Normally I wouldn’t think much of it but the nurse had mentioned that if I was HPV positive the result would take longer to come back as they would have to test for abnormal cells. I wish she hadn’t said this as now I keep thinking this must be the case!

Just looking to see if this seems like a normal wait right now as i’m aware the postal strikes may also be impacting result letters?

Hi, if your concerned try and get appointment with your gp and get him to chase up your results, telephone appointment would be ideal. Good luck x

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I’m in Scotland too & it took 2 months for my results to come back! I’d actually forgotten all about it so got a shock when I opened the letter & it said I had high risk HPV & abnormal cells but I guess that makes sense mine taking longer if they’re doing 2 lots of tests. Hope you get your results soon & that they’re all fine, lots of postal strikes going on too which could have held them up. x

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Thanks for your replies, i think i will wait another couple of weeks and if I haven’t received them by then will chase up with my GP.

Lou hope everything goes smoothly with your follow up/ treatment for this.

Thanks Amalice.

Just the waiting game again now. I had colposcopy & a few biopsies done a few weeks ago but apparently biopsy results are taking 6 months to come back! Nightmare getting anything done just now…

I waited 5 weeks.

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So after being told my biopsy results could take up to 6 months, I got them after 4 weeks! Hopefully the delay in receiving results starts to improve for everyone, the waiting game is a nightmare.

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That’s a relief that you didn’t have to wait 6 months Lou44!

My smear result letter came 8 weeks after my smear, hpv and abnormal cells found. So now another 8 week wait for the colposcope appointment letter!

Just in case anyone else is in the same situation I was and wants an idea of current wait times.

My colposcopy appointment letter arrived yesterday, 3 days after my smear result letter. It’s for next Friday, much quicker than the 8 weeks they advised on the letter thankfully.

Hi Amalice, glad you got your appointment in sooner than expected, the waiting is definitely the worst. Good luck with the colposcopy, hope all goes well. x