Still Waiting on Results


I had my smear test in early June and I am still waiting for my results over 10 weeks later (Glasgow Area). I have phoned my GP but they just keep telling me to wait a week and then phone back.

My last test showed mild cell changes so I am very anxious for my results.

How long is the typical wait now?

Hiya, I’m in Ayrshire & Arran area and waited 3mths last year for my results! I’ve got my yearly smear on Monday & hopefully the waiting times have sorted themselves out. Fingers crossed you get your results soon, the waiting game is the worst!

Thanks for your reply Lou, it’s comforting to hear other people in the same situation. Hopefully you’ll get your results quickly!

Hey @Little. I’m Edinburgh and was told 10-12 weeks. In similar situation to you. Had issues and LETZ last year and this was to be my test of cure. 10-12 week waits brutal!
Keep chatting on here to help keep you going xxx