Waiting for my colposcopy

Hi everyone,

I had a smear 2 weeks ago which said I have CIN3 and I am scheduled to have my colposcopy next week but have managed to worry myself about what is going to happen by reading too many things on Google!

I was hoping if anyone could share their experience on what I can expect to happen next week just so I know, it would be appreciated!


what I experienced you'll sprak with the person doing the colposcopy first just name, age etc the. You'll get put into another room. It will be like a smear but a bit more prodding! I had two nurses one on each side talking to me about random things such as my

job, children etc. in the mean time the colposcopist is dabbing ink etc onto your cervix so see what's going on. Mine stopped there as I had a large area so need a loop under GA. WAasnt painful so don't worry. Just a longer smear. Good luck xx

Thank you for the information, it's too easy to let my mind run away with itself sometimes x

Definitely is. I know that feeling all too well. Just expect the worst its human nature and can't be helped. got my loop on Tuesday with my GA and all sorts run through my head. Convincing myself I won't wake up. But as my partner says I just need to "chill out they do this all the time". 

Youll be fine. Promise :)

Emma x

Don't google! I did and worried myself sick. 

I also had a smear and got sent for a colposcopy, it was absolutely fine. 

They did the lletz treatment and sent biopsies away, it was cin2 and 3 but all removed. I just have to go for a smear in 6 months

Try not to panic too much, it's nearly always not as bad as you imagine, good luck and keep us posted how it goes :)

I have a colposcopy every 3 month

you will sit in a special chair, open your legs (oh the joys!) then they will insert a speculum (just like during a smear test) the actual colposcope doesn't go inside you. It's almoat like a pair of binoculars which they use to have a look inside (but from the outside if that makes sense) of course it's never pleasant airing your nether regions to the world but it doesn't hurt, and it's not as bad as it sounds. 


I agree with what was said above. The only thing that I would advise is to take or pre place your own sanitary pad into the underwear you wear to the colposcopy. I bled a substantial amount after the biopsies and wish I didn't have to fumble around placing the sanitary pad on (it was a hospital one! practically a nappy in my opinion!) after the procedure as I was a bit shaky and there was blood running down my legs and it was all just a bit traumatic. Particularly because I wasn’t as smart as you to ask what to expect after the procedure nor was a told anything from the doctor’s office (I am in a different country so don’t worry about the NHS service level)


By the sounds of it, I bled a lot more than others so hope I don’t freak you out. The procedure is not painful; however, I definitely felt her taking the biopsies but almost the same pain level as having an injection in my opinion. The emotional aspects are definitely the worst of the procedure.


After the procedure I was a little saw for 2-3 days but then felt normal other than the bleeding. Something I also wasn’t told after the procedure is to expect a tissue like clump to come out as well as small blood clots. The tissue like clump came out at the end of the second day for me whilst I was wiping with TP ;) sorry if TMI. It apparently is the scab part of the cervix and the mixture of liquid they apply to the cervix in the procedure.


Hope this helps, just small tips and overall a very simple procedure. Best of luck for a fast road to clearing the CIN3.


hi everyone! i m 32 yo. i was stupid enough to put off my pap test for 2 years and a half. so stupid of me....i went for my smear thest almost a month ago and it came back abnormal as LSIL. then my doctor ran an hpv typing test and i found out i have the 51 type hpv which is a high risk strain. im going for my colpo next friday  and im scared to death. im in a very stressful phase of my life and i was so focused on other things that i neglected my health. i really hope for a good colpo. i want to avoid the leep. although im single being a mum is what ive always wanted.  im taking for a month now vitamin c, bitamin b12, folic acid, multivitamin and green tea capsules.

would be nice to support each other, you are all in my prayers!!! x

Thanks everyone, its good to be able to share and hear about other people who understand.  I can be sure to be prepared for Friday now (and the following weeks!)

Hi HoIJC, 

Just wondering how you got on and if you're doing okay?


I ended up having the loop and a biopsy there and then.  Not too bad after had a follow up appointment for November which they have brought forward to 4 weeks times so not sure what that is about.  Thanks for the concern x