cin3 worried and paranoid!

hi all i've just joined and i expect you get this an awful lot but i am concerned about my recent colposcopy.

I had my smear test in may, results came back abnormal in june, colposcopy appointment on the 30th june.

cin3 diagnosed, loop cone biopsy was done (very painful) and i was told i could expect the results within 6 weeks.

my concern is when the consultant was performing the loop cone biopsy there was quite a lot of whispering and hand signals going on with the nurses which naturally made me very suspicious and nervous, the nurses on a whole were excellecent and done a great job at keeping me chatting, but i couldn't help but notice their behaviour.

i'm 28 this is my 3rd smear but first to come back abnormal.

my consultant was 'pretty sure' he had removed all the bad cells and that they were only pre-cancerous but i still can't get the nurses behaviour out of my mind, i keep thinking they were just trying to keep me calm and that the next letter i get will be an appointment with the oncologist!

has anyone else experienced similar behaviour with the nurses at their colposcopy or am i just being paranoid?!

Hey.. im also 28 and had my first abnormal smear. I had the LLETZ procedure 3 weeks ago and im waiting on results too. It is worrying but I think we need to be positive and hope for the best. I was actually under general anaesthetic for mine so I dont know what the nurses were saying but worrying will make things worse for you not better. Lets wait for the results before we panic. :)




Hi daisy I know it's such an anxious time I just want the results so I can relax and not have it constantly on my mind.

good luck with your results.

Hi Rach, I know that feeling you have, at my latest smear the nurse was i thought being a bit too nice to me so I'm thinking she saw something or expects the results to be abnormal, I read into everything when I'm there and I also know that she just knows im sick of the constant worry and was reassuring me. Maybe one of the nurses you had was being trained or it was her first time being present at the procedure and everything was being explained to her as they went.

Hi All,

I felt exactly the same, it's hard not to hang off every single word and gesture the medical staff say and do.

I waited 6 weeks for my initial punch biopsy results and finally plucked up the courage to call and was given them over the phone (with the letter arriving two weeks later).

Then I called last week for my NETZ results (two weeks after procedure) and was given the all clear over the phone (again it took my several hours of psyching myself up and sweaty palms dialling!) but still haven't got a letter so would advise all those waiting to make the call and see if their results are in.  From my very recent experience with the hospital it seems to take several weeks from the results being confirmed to the letter going out to you or the GP (which doesn't help your mental state!)


Hi there – don't worry about feeling paranoid, it's completely normal. I keep going back over the conversations I've had with the GP / nurse and analysing just what they meant by particular things (daft I know as at the end of the day they may not have meant anything)

I went for my smear on 5th June and a week later had a call from my GP to say it was abnormal – at the time he told me I'd receive a letter in 2-3 weeks telling me how to book the follow up appointment. The next day another GP called to say the nurse had been trying to call me all morning as the appointment was urgent (so that's when my real worrying started!) The letter arrived the next day so the logical me thought the first GP must've just got his timescales wrong.

I had the colposcopy on the 23rd and the nurse said that they were looking for CGIN however during the colposcopy they also then found other cells which were removed during LLETZ. I still haven't had a classification of what they've found which I must admit is making me paranoid as other people seem to have been told in their letter or at colposcopy that it's CIN1, 2 etc (the GP told me it's unusual not to have a classification so again, you start thinking hmmm…). So now it's the horrible wait for results.

It is difficult as you are more aware and sensitive to the Dr's / nurses behaviour as you're looking to them for answers. I'm sure there was absolutely nothing in it though but the way you're feeling is completely understandable xx