Waiting for date for LLETZ under general - how long to wait ?

Hi all

I had my colposcopy on 11th Jan. I was told there was too much cell change and it was too spread to do the LLetz treatment there and then.

I was advised that I would be referred and treatment would be done under general anesthetic.

I have chased today to see if anything has been moved forward but got nowhere and no one could update me on my case.

As it is nearly two weeks already I am starting to worry as I believed this should be a quick referral and turn around.

Mind is going crazy and I can not think of anything else.

Just wanted to know what others wait times were like ?
How quickly did you get your Op date after the colposcopy

Thanks, Nicole

Hi Nicole,

The waiting is so frustrating isn’t it!

I had colposcopy the beginning of November and was referred as it was the third time LLETZ was required.

I was fortunate and was booked in for treatment under GA within 4 weeks and had my appointment on the 9th December (still waiting for results though). I was told this would be the case whilst at the colposcopy.

To be honest, as well as individual circumstances, I think it can depend where in the country you are as reading through some of the other posts on this forum, I’ve noticed they can vary quite dramatically! (I’m in Cardiff).

It might be worth contacting them and just asking what kind of time frame you’re looking at, if it gives you some peace of mind, others have also mentioned they’d managed to get in earlier due to cancellations.

I hope your wait isn’t too much longer!

I was booked in for 7 weeks after my colposcopy, I then called the booking number and got a cancellation for 4 weeks but i ended up getting a horrible cough & sinus infection so ended up having it done on my original date…so 7 weeks later!