Lletz under general within 4 weeks

Hi I attended my colposcopy on friday, my smear result was cin3 severe dyskaryosis. Nurse had planned to do the lletz but have found through the colposcopy that my cervix is laid on the right so she couldn’t get to it properly:( she said I now need to have it under general and said it should be done within 4 weeks. Has anyone else had this and was the time frame correct? With the NHS strikes due etc I’m just really starting to panic


Hi @Kerry86 i have had the same, had my colposcopy within 2 weeks for hg severe dyskaryosis and cgin detected but couldnt do lletz or biopsy with local so now waiting another 2-3 weeks for my lletz under general anaesthetic. Not sure if its normal but im really worried about waiting too.

I’m the same , went yesterday all geared up to have them removed to be told the cells are all over and would be too uncomfortable under local so waiting now for general. I had really nasty looking blood vessels too and she was worried about controlling the bleeding eeeek even swabbing them made them bleed a little.

It’s a worrying time but we’ll get through it

Sending hugs xxxx

@Lydia1 i felt the same i was all geared up to have lletz then nothing happened and i got told i had to come back for general anaesthetic instead, my anxiety is through the roof about what they might find and about being put to sleep and also the waiting i keep thinking is it getting worse whilst im waiting and since the colposcopy have been getting twinges in my back and pelvic area but not sure if thats just me being hypersensitive now!

Yep exactly the same - had some reassurance from someone at work. His wife had gone through it , not under general but had several years of Lletz treatment and she’s fine now so fingers crossed. Has put my mind at rest somewhat. I work in a body shop so all men here in my team lol not easy having any conversation about what’s going on.


I felt achey after it too!! Did you ladies feel them having a bit of a tug around up there? Lol my cervix was on its right side so she could get to it at all, there is a list of hospitals that are striking if you’d like me to post the link? X

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@Lydia1 thats good to hear someone who has had similar experience and is ok :+1: haha yes that can’t be easy to talk about :slight_smile:

@Kerry86 ah really? They didnt do anything to my cervix only looked and put the dye stuff on but they were pushing up hard to get a good look and ever since ive had achy feeling on and off in pelvis and my back! Sure its just me looking for symptoms though :rofl: yes please if you could send link xx

Yea she couldn’t even look properly as it was totally on its side :frowning:


Thanks for that @Kerry86 - can’t be many hospitals not on there! Wowsers

Have felt a bit funny at times - must be the prodding considering I had nothing done.

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Had my letter for my pre op on 21st - I take it the op isn’t far after??

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Ah great to hear you’ve heard, when did you have the colposcopy? Mine was 4th November still no letter, they say pre ops are no later than 2 weeks before so the mRNA swabs etc are still ok x

@Kerry86 it was last Wednesday xx I’m hoping I don’t have to wait too long for the actual cell removal then :+1:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: The waiting is the worst isn’t it :heart:

Definitely I’m apparently still on the waiting list! Even though they told me it had to be done within 4 weeks and we are now into the 2nd week with no word of a pre op never mind the op :frowning:

It can be so hit and miss can’t it. I bet I have my pre op and then the op will be weeks away lol it’s a telephone one.

@Kerry86 @Lydia1 same here, i had my pre op 2 weeks ago over the phone and still waiting for an op date! Called and they said it will be mid December…i didnt think they could leave it that long to remove hg severe cells!

They said to me severe dyskaryosis is on the 4 week pathway like the app for the colposcopy is 2 week pathway. My friend said if they can’t give you one within the 4 week window ring up and tell them you are going to take it up with PALS.

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So how long have you waited since your colposcopy date to now waiting for the surgery date. The pre op is MRSA swabs etc?? So you didn’t have to have them?

Its been 3 weeks since my colposcopy but no treatment or biopsies were taken at that appointment they just looked! Now saying earliest apt will be 13th December i am going to call and see if i can move hospitals if there are no cancellations for next week as im not happy to leave it that long. They said i had cgin too so just want it done asap.

No pre op was very strange just questions about general health & medicines ive had no bloods, mrsa swabs etc.

I have a telephone pre op so will prob be the same. So who knows when the op will be. I was the same no biopsy or anything done at the colposcopy. I’m just trying to put it at the back of my mind for now. Easier said than done tho xx

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Heads up ladies, ring the hospital waiting list line (you can find your local one on Google) I rang today and was told I was still on the waiting list and it was backlogged. I explained that I had to have it done on the 4 week pathway and poof out of nowhere they gave me a date!! 10 days outside of the 4 weeks but I’ll take it! So if you’re still waiting on a date please please ring your WAITING list number at your hospital xx