Waiting for biopsy results

Hello, in the last couple of weeks I've had a smear test with a CIN3 result, a colposcopy and LLetz treatment. Just waiting for the results of the biopsy taken whilst the loop excision was done and driving myself nuts waiting for the letter to come. I'm prepared for a diagnosis of cancer, I know the letter should arrive this week but I'm typing this just to stop myself panicking and going to pieces. 

I’m in exactly the same boat I’m waiting for my biopsy results. Was told low grade at smear and then during colposcopy told no we don’t agree with low grade so I don’t know what is going on. Feel like I’m counting down the days and wishing them to fly by 

It's horrible isn't it? The Dr said it's be two weeks, when I rang this week they said it's more likely be 3 or even 4. Trying to keep busy but every time I have 5 minutes free I'm fretting. How are you doing? Pam x


I'm also waiting for biopsy results. It's been 2+ weeks. All I know is that my smear came back and it said Borderline. It's pretty horrible though when people can't just give you an answer. Seems we're all on the same page and thinking about it all the time. 

Same situation for me - had a biopsy which showed CIN 3 (result letter only took a week and a half), so had to go back the following week for LLETZ  

Its now been nearly 3 weeks since the LLETZ and still no letter - I was told it could take up to 6 weeks. It’s agonising :-(


Thanks for replying m'dears, I'm thinking this must be the worst bit. If I know what it is, I can deal with it, not knowing is driving me batshit crazy.

I rang the clinic today and I know the results are back from the path lab, so I'm hoping to hear this week. I'm almost at the point where I'll be embarrased if I haven't got cancer (see? Said the word), I've been kicking up such a fuss.

Is there a way of getting notifications when someone replies? I can't see unless I log on and click the original message.

Pam x

Oh wow it’s good that they were able to tell you the results are back, at least you know it won’t be too much longer. 

Hi ladies,

The waiting is the worst thing :(

So reading through some of your points, I haven't been informed of this by my doctor. Does the LLETZ treatment tell you if or if not the cells are cancerous? I was diagnosed with CIN2 in May and went back yesterday for a second biopsy as she wanted to leave it 6 months to see if the cells had changed. She said looking at them they look the same however the biopsy will only tell if they have developed further or not.

She has given me that the LLETZ treatment is to remedy the abnormal cells, but it seems as though this isn't te case for some people :( 

Hope your results are quick, I'm sure I've got a few weeks before I hear anything!


I figure I'll ring every week and politely ask for a progress report, no news is not good news, I'd like to know what's going on. 

Re the lletz and biopsy, with me they took away the abnormal cells and that's the lletz bit. But I believe they've sent  those cells away (biopsy)to be tested for cervical cancer. I know that because i've been copied into the gp letter saying the clinic will update my GP when the results come through.

I am fed up with waiting though. It feels as if everything I'm seeing, hearing, reading is to do with cancer, can't get away from it. One minute I'm distracted and ok, the next I'm flat as a pancake :o(

Hi, sorry to jump onto this thread but I am also in the waiting period :(

Had my colposcopy almost 2 weeks ago and they took two punch biopsies (ouch). Not quite sure what the deal is in regards to what exactly they are testing for? I was told 'mild' so does that mean there's no chance of it being CC? or could this still happen?

To be honest, I feel very uninformed and it's making it pretty scary! Im guessing they wouldve called if it was bad news?

Hello, gatecrashers welcome to this waiting room :o)

Did they give you a number to ring? My leaflet had a number for appointments and an "advice line" number. It's your body, you've a right to understand what's going on. I'd give them, or your gp a ring and ask them what the whole thing means.

OR, I've seen some leaflets on here that are more general and explains what mild means (I think that's like CIN1 or 2). The whole thing is pretty scary but at least you'll be better informed. I am so done with waiting now :o(

I’m still waiting too... 3 weeks and 2 days tomorrow. Not that I’m counting...

I haven’t been brave enough to phone the Colposcopy clinic, as they did say it could take up to 6 weeks so I have a feeling I’d just be reminded of that..!

Hi, don't know about you, but some days I feel fine about the wait "it'll be what it'll be" and other days I want to ring the clinic and scream my head off. I've got a week off now so I think it's going to be on my mind a bit.

I found this earlier: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/515817/NHSCSP_colposcopy_management.pdf

It's standards for colposcopy and section 5.2 says results to be communicated within 4 weeks, so if you're still waiting in 5 more days I think you're quite within your rights to ring and check you haven't been forgotten. You could always ring and check they've got the right address, then they have to go into your record and should be able to give you a progress report on when you can expect a letter? (sneaky, eh?)

Chin up x

I finally received my letter today and it said the tissue removed from the LLETZ shows changes amounting to CIN 1 and I just have to attend for a smear in 6 months. My Biopsies apparently showed CIN 3, so which one is it..?! 

I find the whole process quite confusing :( 

I don't understand how the biopsies, smear and LLETZ can all show slightly different results. I never had a smear because of my age, I went straight to biopsy and colposcopy which was CIN2, then had a clear smear just after and have now gone back for the next colposcopy and biopsy as 6 months on so I will have to see how the results are. I am only 2 weeks into waiting now, I too received the letter sent to my GP which just said what had gone on and that they were awaiting my results. 

I just worry as I have seen some ladies have been at some stage CIN had the LLETZ and then this has come back as cancerous, I just don't know!

Memmaj, when did you have your biopsies taken? Prior to the LLETZ?

Pam did you recieve your results? 




Wow how stupid was I?

Hi guys. Im pretty new to the forum and this is the first time I have posted on here.  At the age of 28 I had suffered symptoms for longer than a year of bleeding everyday (despite changing contraceptive a few times) and pelvic pain. I brushed it to the back of my mind, too pussy to go get a smear test. I eventually opened up to an older lady at work and she urged me to go. She couldnt believe I had mothered two children. My children were both premature. Eldest was 10weeks early and my youngest came 6 weeks early. However i never was investigated. So off I went. It wasn't as bad as I thought either (certainly wish I went sooner). The results of the smear came back two weeks later saying I would have to attend colposcopy three weeks later and I have high grade HPV and borderline changes. I went to the colposcopy and listened carefully they told me they use a solution to turn abnormal areas white. I could see a strange pattern almost like a mosaic of whiteness. They fiddled around for a while, double checking I guess. I keot my eyes firmly focused on the screen next to me and then i saw this thing, this white strange looking area that appeared more solid, whiter and more compounded than the other areas and immediately the gynecologist asked if he could biopsy it as well as the other mosaic area slightly further down. This scared the shit out of me. I dont remember anything else but being sent out the door with a punch biopsy leaflet and being told I will recieve my resulta within four weeks? I have many questions, lots I wish I had asked at the time. Today its three weeks to the day I had the biopsies taken. I recieved a letter saying they would be baxj in four weeks approx and biopsies had been taken from abnormal areas found. I also recieved a surprise invitation for a scan of the pelvis and ovaries  due to have that on the 20th of Nov. So so worried. Has anybody had a similar situation or can anybody kindly relate to this. Thanks for reading, it means a lot to just be able to get it out xxx

Hi Ruby, 

It's definitely a worry from the minute you go into the colposcopy clinic or get your smear done! It sounds as though they are checking everything and keeping on top of it now which is a good thing, so whatever the outcome they can help you. 

Are you from the UK? I was unable to see my changes on a screen, and I have heard of the 'mosaic' pattern for the aceto white, I think that's what they call it anyway. 

I think to be honest you become pretty dumbfounded at the clinic, my initial call back after colpocscopy there were so many questions I wanted to ask but because I was loaded with so much info about CIN and options I didn't ask. I took my fiance to the latest biopsy appointment and he was much better, asked questions I would never think of, and I just think it's nice to have some support there too, so if they call you back for results is there anyone you can take with you? I know some ladies don't like taking their partners to these kind of appointments but i'm not like that and neither is my other half, he wants to be involved especially as we don't have our own children yet and we want to in the future. 

Best of luck with your scan, I was given a scan of my ovaries as a precautionary measure too and they said all was fine so I wouldn't worry as of yet. 


Hi ladies 


New to the forum (little wave hello) 


So at the age of 30 i went for my first smear, (at 25 it was "ill sort that later" when my invitation letter arrived!)


timeline is:

Sept 12th Smear done

October 30th letter arrived saying abnormal cells and to attend for appt on the 1st nov at gyny. (was my welcome home letter after a lovely holiday!)

1st Nov: attended appt, doctor sat me down, said my results were severly abnormal and if possible could she carry out LLETZ whilst doing the colposcopy. To me this appt was traumatic, i was just expecting a chatty appt, went in work clothes by myself so i could go to work after not knowing what to expect. LLETZ was done but there was an area a biopsy was needed. i got dressed and she told me results would be two to three weeks and try not to worry, was made to sit and have a cuppa before driving myself home - definitely no work. I got in the car and just sat and cried, the whole thing was awful completely not what i was expecting (I dont know what i was expecting) 


So ive been waiting every day for a letter to arrive, and then today 2weeks and 2 days after I had a text from hospital confirming my appt for next Thursday despite no letter, so ive rang the hospital to get details and its with the Consultant (which to me just screams out its not good news) 


so now im on countdown to next Thursday 

big hugs to everyone else waiting



Yes I had my Biopsies taken a couple of weeks before the LLETZ. My smear result had only shown ‘borderline changes’ so I don’t think they felt it was necessary to go straight in with the LLETZ. 

She said she thought it would come back fine, so you can imagine my surprise with having been told that and the smear only having ‘borderline changes’, to get a letter a week later saying it was CIN 3.

Now I’m just really confused and I don’t feel that I can phone them to clarify as the letter says I’ve now been discharged..! 

Hello m'dears, so yes I've had the results, much good did they do me.

I've CIN AND CGIN, and need to go back in 6 months to a HPV and smear. The letter said just that, no explanation as to what that meant or anything. So, thankfully this site has more info and I realise that the HPV and smear next April, will be to see if the LLetz has removed all the abnormal cells - it's called "test-of-cure" (for anyone else my age, I always have the "Life of Brian" Leper sketch in mind whenever I hear the word "cure"!). 

The last 4 weeks of waiting have been horrendous, how on earth am I meant to cope with 6 more months?? I'll die of liver disease before then the amount of wine I've been drinking to cope!

*MemmaJ, ring them and get some peace of mind? I promise you they won't refuse to explain it. x

**reginald2017, how are you getting on? x