worried newbie!

Hi, I guess I am just after some advice as the waiting game and looking on Google is driving me mad! 


I had my first smear test that came back abnormal with cin3. 


I went for my colposcopy two weeks ago were he took a biopsy but I had no further treatment as he said they needed to look into it further. I have seen on here that it is quite common to have LLETZ on the day of the treatment and just wondering why he would want to wait for my biopsy results before he talks about treatment! should I be worried? 


im going out of my mind and would appreciate anywords of advice! the doctor told me it could be upto two weeks for my results of the biopsy and this is day 14 and still nothing. :( 


thank you xx



I thinki it just varies between different NHS trusts, my local hospital done the same as yours,I had colposcopy and biopsies taken which confirmed CIN 3and then had to return 2months later approx for LLETZ. Hope that helps. Mica.

thank you for your comment, is it more common for CC to be picked up on LLETZ as im reading posts and that seems more common then being picked up on a biopsy? x

Sorry I dont know if thats the case, however from my own experience and from what I've read on here it seems the case. I guess because the biopsies are only taken from small parts of the abnormal section whereas the LLETZ aims to remove it all.

ok thank you very much :) x



I had the biopsy then a further app for lletz

My biopsy results took 4 weeks to come through which was confirmed CIN 3 and S.M.I.L.E

the waiting seems the worse bit

Hope you get your results soon x

hi, what is S.M.I.L.E I have never heard of it! is it linked with CIN3? x

Ive no idea what it is if im honest but I dont think it is linked with CIN3 I think it is something of its own 

Ive tried looking it up but cant really find anything that makes sense to me

When the consultation was explaining what I had before he did the lletz I wasnt paying full attention

Im in the same boat, cin3 , biopsy and no treatment

where as my friend had treatment on the day. I feel

sick thinking about it. Please let me know why you had to wait as ive still got a good 4 weeks to wait fot results

I called the hospital yesterday to see what was going on and they said its in the lab because biopsies sometimes need to grow? my colposcopy was three weeks ago on wednesday so I still have a bit of a wait for my results too!! x