very worried

Hello all ladies, hope you doing well.

I am scared and worried, was having back pain since a 3 wks post treatment for cc 2b with  25 ext radiaton, 6 chemo, and 4 brachy on 7/2017. I had MRI lumbar spine today and just got call from doc office, said there is some concern on report. so having pet scan sooner sometime this week. Are there any ladies had same issues, please share your experiences...............need some great emotional support.................

diagnosed cc 04/2017

finised tx - 25 ext radiaton, 6 chemo, and 4 brachy on 7/5/2017

waiting PET scan 10/2017

Goodluck Kam. I get some rib and back pain post treatment. Mine came after I had the GCSF for low neutrophils prior to brachytherapy and has been ongoing since. I haven't had any further scans for mine though.


Diagnosed 4/2017 3B CC with lymph. Nodes

5 cisplatin chemo 

5 haemostatic radiation

25 external beam radiation

5 paraaortic boost radiation

Brachytherapy 50 hours pulse dose 6/2017

Waiting for PET scan 10/17


thank you bexter for your reply. Had Pet scan today to see. Hoping all good results. 

Hi kam

i have no experience with this but wanted to give you some support in saying I'm thinking of you. Please try to remember that it might be something non related to your cancer and that it might just be something as simple as a slipped disc or pinched nerve and they are just being super cautious and sending you for a complete work up. 


Thank you Lolii888 for your positive comment. i am hoping for all good results, no call yet. I do remember on my first pet scan, it wasn,t any issue so hopefully this scan will have also none.


Hello Ladies, got report - its all good report. Have f/u next week to discuss about MRI report and plan for back pain. Thank you all for being there and support me..............

Love you all and lots of hugs...............

Soooo happy for you :)) congrulations :))

That's great news about the PET scan Kam!

Hugs back!

Such great news! 

Hello all , hope you all doing well n praying for you all ... just a update .... I will have my biopsy on my back  next week since MRI showed probable bone mets but doc wants to to make sure .... hoping for good results .... luv you n hugs to guys 


Goodluck Kam! The waiting and not knowing is scary stuff!

I hope the biopsy results deliver the best possible outcome.

*** Hugs to you


Thinking of you and hoping  dor positive results xx

Thank you so much Jooles.....