scan results - worried

Hello all ladies, hope you all are doing fine.....

I just had post 3 month pet scan this week and its not a good result. They found some on my bone. Didnt expect this result at all but ..........

I difinitely need some strength and courage to fight this journey. please share if anybody had gone through, it will be very helpful.

lots of hugs and luvs to all

diagnosed cc 2b 04/2017

finised tx - 25 ext radiaton, 6 chemo, and 4 brachy completed on 7/5/2017 

Hi Kam, 

I'm sorry you are facing this! Hopefully,someone can offer some good advice. There is a few people awaiting biopsies and having treatment for bone secondaries. Thinking of you. Xx

Hi Kam

I got the all clear in August and have been having hip pain since July. It was confirmed yesterday  I have secondaries in my hip and will be having a hip replacement. Where has yours spread to? This nightmare never ends 


Thinkin of you keep fighting  hun u can beat this  x

It on t12 spine .... I know it’s a long journey... needs patience n positive hope...

luvs n hugs to you....

Thank you help me.... trying to more strong n positive 

Hi Kam

have you been told yet what treatment you will receive ? I havent seen my oncologist yet so only know I need a hip replacement. It's all so worrying 


Hello Jooles.... sorry to hear about it ... but stay strong n positive ... we all are with you .... mine at t12 vertebrae... I had a biopsy done n waiting for result... if it’s positive... I will have heavy chemo n radiation on back .... 

lub n hugs to you .... we all together, we will beat this cc....❤️