Veey worried about colposcopy

Hy, here is my story. I am now 55 yrs old and postmenopause.
In 2020 I had my routine smear, results
HPV+ no Abnormal changes, repeat smear in a year, as I was anxious I went privately after 7 months and results .HPV+ and possibly CN2, my doc referred me for colposcopy and biopsy results cameback CN1 and HPV+ repeat colposcopy after 6 months with results HPV+ and borderline changes, repeat again after 6 months showed HPV + and no abnormal changes, seen again after a year NO HPV but CN1 now need to repeat again in a year.
My question is…is it possible to have No HPV but CN1? As I was reading that all abnormal changes are due to HPV.

There can be abnormal cells without HPV. If you’ve had a previous history of HPV then chances are your CIN has regressed. Early stage CIN has a high likelihood of regression. Sometimes our bodies can tackle the HPV virus but the cells that have mutated are still left behind.

Hi Maggie, thank you for replying,
I had CN1 in 2021 and regressed despite I still had HPV, but last year I had HPV no abnormal cells, and now after a year no HPV but CN1, here in Uk they only started to test HPV from 2019/20. All my previous smear were always normal. And never missed one.