Vault smear due

Hi all im due my first 6 month vault smear/ colposcopy beginning of march. How was it for anyone whos had this? I had rh robotically. I had two heamatomas in my recovery and had to have silver nitrate treatment. Im worried about another speculum going in as i had to have gas and air for speculum for silver nitrate as it was just too painful. Obviously gas abd airvwill not be available at colposcopy. Cancer cells were removed with lletz and when histology report from rh came back with still abnormal cells so im worried about results that will come back from colposcopy. What treatment did anyone have for abnormal cells after hysterectomy? X

Hi @Pookey

Sorry i cant help with treatment for abnormal cells after hysterectomy but i have had my first vault smear. I didnt ever have an issue with speculums so im sorry i cant help with coping with the speculum but that part of it didnt feel much different for me. What i will say is the feeling when they scrape (sorry cant think of a better word to describe) feels a little intense. It was explained to me that as its the vaginal walls that they are effectively testing, there are more nerve endings so you feel it more. If they can offer you anything for the pain or feeling then id ask as you never know they may be able to do something. I hope you go on ok in March xx